Feng shui tips for your love and marriage

Feng shui can reveal if a couple is likely to argue and divorce. If you can get harmony environment in home, it can help us to maintain good marriage love relationship.

An old Chinese Proverb: “If there is harmony in the house, there is order in the nation. If there is order in the nation, there will be peace in the world.”

There are some feng shui tips which you can apply to get better feng shui energy to maintain your marriage love relationship.

  1. The number of accessories shall be even. Singular number means alone. So when you place some accessories, remember to place them in pairs.

    feng shui tips for love
    feng shui tips for love
  2. Round shape has the meaning of happy and perfection. So if you can wear some round shape accessories, it will help you to get happy and perfection. Do not wear accessories with sharp edge and shape.
  3. Choose some sunshine color clothes. White, pink and light blue color are sunshine colors, those color could show optimism and confidence, also can make romantic love for you. If you always wear dark and serious clothes, no one wants to talk with serious man or women.
  4. Do not place too many irregular shape objects. Those irregular shape objects can cause unstable love marriage relationship.
  5. Everyone has their own Peach blossom area(love area). We shall keep this area clean and in order. You can place some romantic picture or photos of you and your lover or crystal. You can find out your own love area according to your Chinese zodiac.

Monkey, Mat, Dragon—West;  Tiger, Horse, Dog—East;

Snake, Rooster, Ox—South;     Pig, Rabbit, Sheep—North;

  1. The bed shall against the wall. Wall as the strong support for your love marriage relationship. If your bed against the window or without any supports that will cause the relationship unstable and make it hard to find your partner.
  2. Keep your bedroom clean and in order. Mess can make people annoyed. It will also damage the relationship. Especially, keep it clean under your bed.
  3. Light in your bedroom shall be gentle. Too strong or too weak light will cause unstable relationship.
  4. Do not place too many color flowers in home. You can place some green plant and flowers to decorate your home but if you place too many colorful flowers will broken the relationship. Remove and replace any dying plant as soon as possible.
  5. The color of room play very important role. The color shall match with your furniture’s color. Gentle color can help to bring harmony for your home. You shall avoid painting your room colorful.

Hope those feng shui tips for love and marriage can help you to maintain the good relationship and find your loved partner soon. Good luck.

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