How to decorate the house facing east

Feng Shui believes that the house with the west facing the East is called ” Jinzhai ” ;. In this way, if the office is too bright, it will hurt the Yang in the house and affect the wealth and health of the male person in charge. Therefore, if it is not a company in which women are in power, it is easy to affect wealth. The design of the office should also choose the direction of sitting from west to East in appearance, because this direction can allow employees to develop new solutions. In terms of interior decoration, green walls will enhance upward energy, especially in the north, East, Southeast and south of the house. Bright green will enhance this gas, and wax green will appear more cloudy

using wooden floors, furniture and curtains will make Qi more creative. Dark wood symbolizes more regularity and organization. Horizontal and straight things and shapes will make people more comfortable. Tall furniture allows air to flow in all directions. Tall plants and upward lights will be better

in addition, another way to enhance energy is to place a waterscape. If there are tall plants, it is the best. Setting the company’s goals and development plans in the East will also have a certain incentive effect on it

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