How to design shop ceiling

The shop is a place for trading, so a spacious space must be formed from the roof to the ground. If there are many beams on the roof, the ceiling should be designed and the beams should be wrapped inside to avoid psychological pressure on customers and business personnel. However, in the ceiling design, not only some unsightly parts on the top of the building are covered to create indoor beauty, but also cooperate with space color and lighting to form a beautiful shopping environment

height should be considered first in the design of ceiling. If the ceiling is too high, the upper space will be too large, so that customers can not feel the cordial atmosphere; On the contrary, if the ceiling is too low, the customers in the store will not be able to enjoy the pleasure of comfortable shopping visually and physically. The height of the ceiling should be determined according to the business area of the store. The ceiling of spacious stores should be appropriately higher and narrow stores should be lower. Generally speaking, for a 10 ~ 20 square meter store, the height of the ceiling is 2.7 ~ 3 meters, which can be adjusted appropriately according to the industry and environment; If the store area reaches 300 square meters, the height of the ceiling should be 3 ~ 3.3 meters; For shops with an area of about 1000 square meters, the ceiling height should reach 3.3 ~ 4 meters. Many shops in China do not pay enough attention to the ceiling. Some small shops have a high ceiling and do not carry out decoration, which makes the upper space appear empty, which greatly affects the beauty of the shops and should be improved. In addition, the color of the ceiling can also adjust the sense of height. Therefore, sometimes it is not necessary to raise or lower the ceiling, but only change the color to achieve the effect of adjusting the height. This point has been mentioned in the above content

secondly, the shape of the ceiling should be considered. The ceiling is generally flat. If some modeling changes are added to it, it will have a great impact on the psychology of customers and the display effect in the store. In addition to the plane ceiling, the commonly used ceiling shapes include circular ceiling, corrugated ceiling, ship bottom ceiling and pyramid ceiling

again, the lighting equipment of the ceiling. The ceiling shall be matched with certain lighting equipment, or decorated with chandeliers and exposed lamps, or placed in the ceiling with fluorescent lamps, which shall be covered with milky transparent plastic plate or honeycomb ventilation window to make a smooth ceiling. The smooth ceiling can make the lights in the store bright, but it may cause backlight. If combined with the hanging lamps, this disadvantage can be overcome

the last is the material of smallpox. There are many materials for ceiling, including various plywood, gypsum board, asbestos board, glass wool ceiling, veneer decorative board, etc. When choosing a material for decoration, we should not only consider the economy and processability, but also consider the requirements of fire prevention, silencing and durability according to the characteristics of the store. Plywood is the most economical and convenient ceiling material, but its fire prevention and silencing performance are poor; Gypsum board has good heat resistance and silencing, but it has poor water and temperature resistance and can not withstand impact; Asbestos board is not only fireproof and heat-insulating, but also water-resistant and moisture-resistant, but it is not easy to process. During decoration, various materials can also be glued together by coating method, and then spray paint can be used

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