Restaurant decoration painting Feng Shui taboo

Decorative paintings should be hung carefully. For example, restaurant decorative painting Feng Shui , the restaurant is a place for family food and pleasure. The main principle is to reflect the mood and atmosphere that makes people want to eat. Small paintings with light and elegant colors should be decorated. Decorative paintings with too strong colors, especially those with too strong red and yellow, must not be used

restaurant decorative painting Feng Shui

color and white are easy to form a fresh, beautiful and pleasant atmosphere, which is a good choice for restaurant decorative painting. The color of restaurant decoration painting should be soft and fresh, the picture should be clean and tidy, and the strokes should be delicate and realistic. When the dining room is connected with the living room, it is best to connect and coordinate with the painting of the living room

detailed explanation of Feng Shui of restaurant decorative painting

the choice of decorative painting should be unified with the decoration style of the family as far as possible, including all kinds of decorative painting, such as sketch, oil painting, photographic works, as well as the color and frame style of decorative painting. The overall style should be harmonious and consistent. You can also occasionally use one or two pictures with different styles as ornaments, but you can’t dazzle people. European style rooms are suitable for matching oil paintings. Pure European style is suitable for classical oil paintings. Portrait oil paintings can be selected for high-end houses such as villas, Impressionist oil paintings can be selected for simple European houses, and oil paintings with flower themes can be matched for pastoral decoration style. Traditional Chinese painting, watercolor and gouache painting shall be selected as far as possible for rooms with Chinese style. The patterns are mainly traditional freehand landscape, flowers, birds, fish and insects

when choosing a decorative painting, we should first consider the space size of the wall where the painting is hung. If enough space is left on the wall, large paintings can be hung naturally. If the space is relatively limited, you should choose a smaller area, so that there will be no sense of oppression. At the same time, leave a blank for the wall space to highlight the overall beauty. Since the picture frame can be replaced, the size of the picture on the market now mostly refers to the size of the picture itself, not including the picture frame. Before buying the picture, we must measure the length and width of the wall, hang the number of decorative pictures, and calculate the specifications of the required decorative pictures

the space where decorative paintings are placed is also an important factor affecting the decorative effect. Different spaces have different requirements for decorative paintings. For example, putting a fruit oil painting in the restaurant will make people feel strange. Restaurants are the main places for ordinary activities. Decorative paintings often become the focus of vision. You can choose decorative paintings with the theme of scenery, characters and Party activities, or abstract paintings and impression paintings that are reminiscent of people. Decorative paintings with gloomy colors can form a certain visual impact

If wallpaper is pasted on the wall, traditional Chinese painting is selected for Chinese wallpaper, oil painting is selected for European wallpaper, and frameless oil painting is selected for simple European style; If special materials are used for a large area of the wall, they should be selected according to the characteristics of the materials. The wooden materials should be rosewood, cherry wood and other abstract or Impressionist oil paintings with wooden picture frames. If the interior furnishings are mainly white, the color of the picture frame should not be too dark; Conversely, the interior and furnishings have strong colors, so it is not suitable to choose an all white picture frame

restaurant decorative painting Feng Shui finally, we must pay attention to the number of pictures hung in the restaurant. If the decorative painting is hung in the same space, we must pay attention to the number of auspicious, including 1 and 4 (Wenchang), 8 (Zhengcai) and 9 (happy events); The number of murders includes: 2 (illness), 3 (toil), 5 (illness), 6 (official and non official), and 7 (right and wrong)

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