What pictures should not be posted on the wall of the study

Children like to post some pictures they like in the house to show their personality. Is this appropriate from the perspective of home feng shui

in fact, there is nothing wrong with posting pictures on the wall. Taking care of children’s interests, we can’t kill them casually. However, we should pay attention to that some pictures should not be pasted, otherwise it will be unlucky

first of all, some brightly colored and personalized things such as star posters and cartoon game posters are easy to distract children’s attention and should not be posted in the study

secondly, those dark pictures will bring Yin and filth to the study, which is not conducive to Feng Shui in the study. At the same time, it is easy to lead to children’s behavior quirks and wishful thinking

finally, don’t post abstract paintings. Although this is conducive to cultivating children’s imagination, it will destroy the balance, lead to children’s neuroticism and be unfavorable to children’s growth

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