Twelve taboos of kitchen stove

1. Do not turn your back on the stove: if you turn your back on the stove, it means that the sitting direction of the stove is exactly opposite to that of the house. For example, if the house is sitting from south to north, and the stove is sitting from north to south, it will be unlucky

2. Kitchen stoves should not go straight to the door: in the traditional Chinese Feng Shui concept, kitchen stoves are considered to be a place for cooking and life support, so they should not be exposed too much, especially the external air brought in by the door is not suitable to go straight to the door, otherwise there will be more losses at home, just as the ancient book says: open the door to the kitchen, and more money and livestock will be consumed

3. Avoid kitchen door to stove: the kitchen stove should not be exposed. It is unlucky to see the stove outside the door, but it is also inappropriate to see the stove outside the kitchen door

4. Avoid being opposite to the bathroom: the stove is a place for cooking, so this place should pay attention to hygiene, otherwise it will enter from the mouth and damage your health. However, the bathroom contains a lot of dirt and bacteria, so this place should not be close to the bathroom, especially the stove mouth

5. Avoid opposite to the door: the kitchen stove is a place for making fire and cooking, which is very dry and hot. Therefore, it should not be opposite to the door, otherwise it will be unfavorable to the people in the room, and there will be a disaster and vomiting of blood

6. Not close to the bedroom: the stove is hot, and the oil fume produced during frying is not suitable for the human body, so it is unlucky for the stove to face the main door, especially the bedroom

7. The stove should not be open at the back: the stove should be against the wall at the back, not open. If there is transparent glass at the back, it is not auspicious, because as the ancient book says: ” Where the stove, avoid the window light, the main culprit” ;

8. Do not install the stove on the water channel: the stove belongs to fire, and the water channel is a drainage object. Water and fire are not allowed, so the two should not be close. If the stove is placed on the water channel, it will be unlucky

9. Do not press the top of the kitchen beam: there is ” in Feng Shui; Beam capping ” ; It is unlucky to say that it is unlucky to have a beam on the top of the bed or chair, but it is more inappropriate to have a beam on the stove, otherwise the family will be sick, especially to the health of women

10. Do not expose to the setting sun: in Feng Shui, the kitchen faces west, especially the cooking stove is exposed to the setting sun, which is unlucky. I think it will damage everyone’s health at home

11. Do not shoot at sharp corners: Feng Shui experts believe that sharp corners are sharp and easy to cause damage, so they are very taboo to shoot at sharp corners, and the stove is where a family cooks food and feeds its life. If shot at at sharp corners, it will be harmful to the health of the family

12. Avoid the conflict between water and fire: the stove should not be close to the bowl and basin. The stove belongs to fire and the dishwashing basin belongs to water. Therefore, the two should not be close, and the stove should not be sandwiched between two water, such as between the washing machine and the dishwashing basin

the kitchen decoration is dark and unlucky. The color of the kitchen should be mainly white, such as ivory. The shape of the kitchen should not be round or half moon, preferably rectangular

all kinds of cutting tools in the kitchen should not be hung on the wall or inserted on the tool holder. They should be put away and put in the drawer. The trash can should not be placed in the kitchen. When cooking, the kitchen is either oil or smoke. Sometimes oil smoke comes out at the same time. If you add a disgusting trash can in the kitchen, it will be even worse. In addition to sending negative messages, garbage cans also emit filthy gas, which will affect the hygiene of dishes and people’s health

it is forbidden to have a beam on the top of the gas stove” Gas ” ; It is a very important philosophical concept in ancient times. It refers to a psychological feeling that human beings can’t see or touch with the naked eye. There is Qi in the visible and also in the invisible. Qi permeates the space. When the gas stove is used, it will naturally release a stream of hot gas. If there is a beam above the gas stove, it will form air pressure. When encountering the hot gas, the magnetic field will become unstable and affect people’s mood and physical health

the stove is busy and unlucky. The good or bad luck of the stove is judged by its history. Modern geomantic omen takes the fire mouth as the direction of the stove, and its criterion is to sit evil and prosper

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