Selection and placement of bed

When choosing a bed, we should first consider whether its length and width are sufficient, whether the bed body is flat, and whether it has good support and comfort. As for the height of the bed, it is generally slightly higher than the sleeper’s knee. Remember that the bed should not be attached to the ground. The bottom of the bed should be empty and do not pile up sundries. Otherwise, it is not ventilated and easy to be wet, which will cause low back pain

the key to the placement of the bed is that the sleeper should be able to see the bedroom door and window from the bed, and the sun will shine on the bed at dawn, which is helpful to absorb the energy of nature. In addition, it is best to choose the north-south direction of the bed to comply with the geomagnetic gravity. Sleeping with the head facing south or north is beneficial to health, because the aorta and great vein are the most important in the human blood circulation system, and their direction is consistent with the direction of the head and foot of the human body. When the human body is sleeping in the north-south direction, the direction of the aorta and the great vein, the direction of the human body sleeping and the direction of the magnetic line of force in the north-south direction of the earth are consistent. At this time, people are most likely to fall asleep, and the sleep quality is also the highest. Therefore, the North-South sleeping direction has certain disease prevention and health care functions. The head of the bed cannot face west, because the earth rotates from east to west. If the head faces west, the blood often rushes directly to the top of the head and the sleep is unstable; If you sleep with your head to the East, you will feel a sense of peace

it should be noted that there are the following taboos in the selection of beds :

the bed cannot be opposite to the mirror . If there is a mirror on either side of the bedroom, it is disadvantageous. In addition to affecting health and the feelings of husband and wife, it can also affect wealth, offspring, etc. Especially at the end of the bed, do not hang a mirror. Because this mirror is like a ” Dementor mirror, It will upset the owner of the house. When people get up in the middle of the night, they are also easy to be frightened by their own image in the mirror, resulting in mental restlessness and dizziness; Secondly, when people fall asleep, the Qi energy is the weakest, and the mirror is an object with strong reflection, which is easy to reflect the energy of the human body. Especially young couples, if the bedroom mirror is opposite to the bed, in the long run, they are prone to infertility. If there is a mirror facing the bed in the bedroom, you can cover it or turn it to the wall at night. Of course, the best way is to embed the mirror in the interior of the bedroom wardrobe, open it when looking at the mirror, and close the door when not in use

the bed cannot face the door . If the bed is facing the door or bedroom door, it is called ” Feng Shui; Door rush, People are restless and prone to nightmares or hallucinations. In addition, bed to door is also easy to be seen at a glance, without privacy and sense of security, affecting rest. If the door collides, the screen can be used to block the door, which not only blocks the collision between the bed door and the door, but also maintains the privacy of the bedroom

the head of the bed should be solid rather than empty . The head of the bed should be close to the wall or real object, and there should be no gap. It is called “Feng Shui”; Backer ” ;. Otherwise, it is easy to produce illusion and pessimism, and serious cases may lead to schizophrenia. If the bed is not against the wall, there must be a headboard at the head of the bed to prevent the head from hanging in the air. In addition, the headboard is not reliable, and the window behind it is not a bathroom or kitchen

unreliable door at the head of the bed . If you accommodate the limited space in the bedroom and put the bed on the side of the gate, you will make a big taboo in the bedroom

the head of the bed should not be close to the stove position . If the bedroom is attached to the kitchen, the side close to the stove should not be placed at the head of the bed, because the kitchen belongs to ” Fire ” , It is easy to make people ill or nervous and irritable

do not press the top of the bed with the beam . Do not press the bed with a beam, so as not to cause a sense of depression. There are also people who hurt others. Heart health. The crossbeam above the bedroom can not be hung in the bedroom, which does not include the crossbeam above the bedroom, and these crossbeams can not be hung in the bedroom. Otherwise, it will lead to headache, joint pain and other diseases, or reputation damage

the bed should not be close to the ground . The bed surface should be about 50 cm away from the ground. The bottom of the bed must be kept clean and should not accumulate sundries. Leaving the ground without accumulating sundries can keep the air under the bed unblocked and reduce the infiltration of ground moisture into the mattress, which will affect health. Moreover, the bedside table should be higher than the bed, which is conducive to the wisdom of sleepers and improve the quality of sleep

on both sides of the bedside position , do not be shot by the corner of the cabinet or kitchen corner, desk and dressing table, which is easy to cause migraine. Plants with long pointed leaves and square or rectangular furniture should not be too close to the bed

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