How to decorate the boss’s office according to the five elements

After analyzing the fate of the boss, if his five elements belong to gold, in order to enhance his fortune in the layout of the office, some furniture, ornaments or carved decorations of rattan products can be placed in it. Horse shaped decorations will also be lucky here, and ox shaped and tiger shaped picture works can also be tried. In addition, you can also hang some portraits of stars or characters on the wall, so as to improve the fortune of boss Jin

after analyzing the fate of the boss, if his five elements belong to wood, you can choose more wooden furniture and put some wood carving decorations on the walls when arranging the office. If you want to hang a larger picture on the wall, you must avoid horses and sheep. Although the coveted fruit wall chart can make people have a big appetite, it may destroy Feng Shui and the picture of pleasing ladies, which are not suitable to hang in the boss’s office. The five element attribute of an item with a curve is water, because ” Water and wood grow together “; Therefore, you can put an object with curve shape indoors, which can well improve the luck of the owner

when decorating the boss’s office where the five elements belong to water, in order to match its five elements attribute, we can use more bow shaped and heart-shaped items as much as possible. The patterns of cattle, tigers, dogs, lions and other animals should be avoided on the items as much as possible, and the animals with such shapes should also be avoided in the decorations

if you want to decorate the boss’s office where the five elements belong to fire, you can easily choose one or two trinkets with pearls or purely made of shells to put in the office. If you like weapons, you might as well choose one or two small weapons to hang on the wall or put on the cabinet

however, when choosing decorations, you should also pay attention. It’s best not to choose crescent shaped, bow shaped and round things, because these five elements belong to water, and water and fire are mutually exclusive, which will lead to the decline of the boss’s wealth. When decorating the local boss’s office of the five elements, it must be carried out in accordance with the local nature. Some elegant pictures of ladies or hanging pictures with goat, sheep and other patterns can be hung on the indoor wall

if the environment permits, you can also put a mini stereo in the office and put a piece of music in your spare time, which will not only relax your nerves, but also effectively strengthen the magnetic field of the space and the movement effect of indoor energy. For those who like to study and collect weapons, it’s best to avoid arranging the knives and swords collected indoors in the local office, so as to avoid bad impact on the minds of workers

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