How to solve the problem of conflict between water and fire in the kitchen

The kitchen is the place where fire is most likely to occur. The hearth belongs to fire (whether gas or electricity is used), and anything that can produce heat energy belongs to fire, such as oven, microwave oven, electric cooker for cooking, etc. The faucet in the kitchen belongs to water, and the refrigerator also belongs to water because it makes air conditioning. If there is a large water storage container in the kitchen, it certainly belongs to water

there has always been a saying that water and fire are incompatible. Because water and fire are incompatible, we must pay some attention when arranging these appliances with special properties in the kitchen

I. don’t make water and fire relatively

because the fire of the stove is the heaviest, try to avoid placing the sink, dishwasher, refrigerator or that kind of large water storage container opposite the stove. If you are careless, you will violate ” Fire and water do not shoot at each other ” ; Taboo, we should beware of quarrels between husband and wife because of some small things. Fortunately, this relative problem of water and fire is not difficult to resolve. You can use ” in the five elements; Wood ” ; Reconcile them

the representative color of wood is green, so you can choose to wear an apron dominated by green when cooking; When washing dishes, wear a pair of green gloves and use green cleaning cloth. If you can lay a layer of green bricks between the hearth and the sink, it will also help to slow down the mutual repulsion between water and fire

II. don’t let water and fire be close to

it’s best to have a conditioning table between the stove and sink, and pay attention not to be too close to the refrigerator. Although the situation of water and fire adjacent to each other will not cause open strife like the opposite of water and fire, it is likely to cause secret strife. It’s certainly not a good thing for families to quarrel with each other; If the cold war continues between husband and wife, there will be irreparable cracks in the marriage

III. don’t mix water with fire or two fires with water

if there is a situation in the kitchen where two waters are mixed with one fire (for example, the stove is sandwiched between the sink and the refrigerator) or two fires are mixed with one water (for example, the sink is sandwiched between the microwave oven and the stove), the married person should pay attention to prevent the relationship between husband and wife from changing due to the presence of a third party, and people in love should prevent someone from winning love

after knowing how to avoid violating the taboo of stove, we should pay more attention to details in house selection and decoration to avoid some bad feng shui that is not conducive to home

all places where families often sit and lie, such as beds, desks, chairs, sofas, etc., should avoid being pressed by the beams of the roof. In addition to these places, there are two places where the top of the beam is most forbidden, that is, the dining table and the stove

when the hearth is pressed and the dining table is pressed, the bad effects on Feng Shui are very similar (about the dining table being pressed by the beam, we mentioned in the previous restaurant Feng Shui), which will harm the wealth and health of the family. The difference is: once the table is under pressure, the whole family will be affected; When the hearth is pressed, the destructive force is often concentrated on the people who cook at home

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