Old people don’t live in new houses. Feng Shui is particular

There are many folk sayings about moving to a new home. Moving to a new home means changing a new atmosphere. There are many things to pay attention to. There is also a saying that moving to a new house requires the elderly to press the house. The following residential online Fstips will tell you whether the elderly want to live in a new house. Interested friends, come and have a look

I. It’s better for the elderly not to live in a new house

1. In Feng Shui, there is a saying that the elderly had better not live in a new house. Is this true? In fact, the elderly can live in a new house, but we should ensure that the lighting of the house is very good. As we all know, sunshine represents Yang in Feng Shui. The elderly need sufficient Yang because of their age. Therefore, when the elderly live in a new house, they must ensure that the lighting of the new house is better, which is conducive to the health of the elderly

2. When the elderly live in a new house, it should be noted that if the elderly live by themselves, the house should not be too large, because the elderly’s own gas field can not fill the whole room, which is easy to lead to the instability of the gas field. Therefore, the area of the house should be as small as possible, so that the gas field can be stable and the fortune of the family can be improved

Second, do you need the elderly to press the house when moving to a new house?

in many areas, we pay attention to moving to a new house and looking for the elderly to press the house at home, ” Pressure room ” ; A simple understanding is that the aura of the town house and the new house is unstable, while the old people are old and have enough aura. The old people can play a role of repression in the new house, which is beneficial to the future life of the house occupants

III. what are the precautions for Feng Shui in a new house

1. Sufficient sunshine

sunshine is very important for a new house. The house should not only have good ventilation to ensure smooth air flow, but also have good daylighting to ensure sufficient indoor Yang

2. Hiding wind and gathering gas

in Feng Shui, the house pays great attention to hiding wind and gathering gas, so the windows of the house can’t be too many, and the wind of the house can’t be too strong. If the wind in the house is too strong, the gas field in the room will not be stable, and the blessings and wealth that enter the room will soon be dispersed and cannot gather to produce effect

3. The terrain is flat

in building Feng Shui, the height of the terrain is very important. The flat terrain is conducive to the development and improvement of Feng Shui. In geomantic omen, slopes or uneven places are most unsuitable for building houses. Not only is the safety not guaranteed, but also the gas field is unstable, which is not good for the health and fortune of residents, and there will be more dangerous things

IV. what are the feng shui of moving?

1. When moving, you should say more auspicious words and ask more friends for help to add popularity

2. It’s better not to argue with your family on the day of moving, which will affect your life later

3. People think that you can’t take a nap after moving to a new home, otherwise your health will be affected

4. When moving to a new home, you should bring the original pillow, put the pillow on the bed and press a red envelope under it, which means a wide range of financial resources and improve the wealth of the family

5. After entering the new house, you can first light a stick of incense and smoke each room to send out the dirty smell

the above is all about feng shui for the elderly living in a new house sorted out by residence online. I hope it can help you. If you want to know more, remember to pay attention to one Feng Shui

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