What’s particular about Feng Shui on tatami platform

The Japanese style ground table design is widely popular, which is related to the limited space of home. Most people’s living rooms are only a few tens of square meters. How can they achieve ” Make good use of space ” ; Your goal? The raised platform can not only increase the storage space, but also connect with the window sill with limited use, which virtually increases the activity space of the whole house. Naturally, it has become a favorite practice of interior designers. How to treat the design of shenggaotai in Metaphysics

platform vs floor height

raising the platform is similar to the idea of installing false ceiling mentioned above, which will also narrow the distance between the floor and the ground, so the first consideration is the height of the floor. Do not take risks at the bottom of the building less than 3 meters, so as not to be affected by the unbalanced air flow pressed down by the ceiling

if the floor is 3 meters or more, the design of elevated platform can be considered. In some old-fashioned private housing estates, the windows are generally installed in a high position. Sitting on the sofa, you can’t enjoy the beautiful landscape outside the window. Raising the platform helps to straighten the visual level and make the pleasant scenery outside the window come into view. It’s really a good practice. However, if the landscape outside the window is poor, the practice of raising the platform should be abandoned to prevent the adverse landscape from affecting the luck

platform vs gate

design ideas are all strange. Maybe someone will raise the platform near the gate, that is, it is necessary to improve the double pedal access at the entrance. Such a design is indeed a fraud, because the gas inlet is higher than the floor at the door. Besides the inconvenient access of residents, it is also difficult for air flow in and out of the room; Being unable to get through the door and having difficulty in getting money also means that the ability to collect money is weak, and there is no noble support, so the ability to make money and save money is greatly reduced. However, if there are several steps between the platform and the door and the air flow will not be too rapid, there is no problem. Since the air flow has safely entered the house, how it flows depends on the spacing of the room and the placement of furniture. As long as it can enter the room, it will not be easy to lose

terrace vs guest dining room

if it is decided to divide the guest dining room area by raising the terrace, it is recommended not to divide the guest dining room area into two equally as far as possible. For example, if the area of the hall area is 30 square meters, it is not appropriate to raise half, that is, the living room terrace of 15 square meters, because the over balanced Division will make the fortunes of the people in the house uncertain repeatedly. What was originally under control, It will be affected by external factors and fail to achieve the original results, especially the progress of work. Therefore, the area occupied by the platform should be fine

sofa can be added on the floor to create a warm feeling. If there is storage space at the bottom of the platform, remember not to store any electrical appliances and sharp objects, because electrical appliances will affect the magnetic field; Sharp objects will form evil Qi. If you sit in this area for a long time, you will be affected by the evil Qi. Avoid it

floor vs bedroom

when the floor of the bedroom is raised and the mattress is directly placed on the table, it is not an ideal pattern. Before adopting this design, we must pay attention to the following two points

first, if the height of the platform is only 3cm, if it is too close to the ground, it will be like sleeping on the ground. Due to the heavy moisture on the ground and more bacteria, sleeping by sticking to it must be harmful to health alone. In metaphysics, the bed is very important. The high foot of the bed is obviously separated from the ground, so that people can have a quiet rest space. However, if the platform rises up to half a meter or more, which is similar to the height of the general bedstead, the problem will be relatively reduced

Second, some people’s bedrooms are small, so they will raise the high platform and use the combined windowsill as a bed. Such design means that a part of the body or the whole person is placed on the windowsill. Pay attention to the fact that the windowsill is an externally built building. Sleeping on the windowsill is like floating outside the house. I feel insecure, resulting in poor sleep quality and greatly affecting work efficiency. Moreover, since the top of the windowsill is always lower than the bottom of the building, isn’t it a self-made roof pattern to sleep in the depressed space? The same reason as the beam jacking is that the windowsill top presses against which part of the body and which part has more pain

platform vs study

raising the platform in the study is the most ideal design. The height can be between 18 ~ 30 cm. Then books and bookcases are placed on the platform, which makes people concentrate and work hard. If the room is located in the permanent Wenchang position of the house (you should consult a metaphysician), the effect will be twice the result with half the effort

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