Why shouldn’t the bathroom be changed to a bedroom

In modern houses, some larger houses have two or more bathrooms. Some households with fewer people can’t use so many bathrooms. In order to make full use of the residential space, they transform the redundant bathrooms into small bedrooms or baby rooms. In fact, this practice is not only harmful to human health, but also contrary to the principle of Feng Shui

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this is because the bathroom is originally an ominous place, which is a place that produces evil spirits. It should be used to suppress the evil side of the house, so as to achieve the effect of attacking poison with poison. If it is transformed into a bedroom, it will not only not play the role of Feng Shui, but also double the ferocity that originally occurred to hurt the people living in it

moreover, the area of the toilet is generally relatively small, and the transformation into a bedroom is also very limited. Moreover, the water supply and drainage system of the toilet cannot be changed, which is destined to make this house relatively humid. A house with heavy moisture will affect the health of the owner, and heavy moisture will inevitably have a heavy Yin, which will have a bad impact on house transportation. Therefore, if there are redundant bathrooms, they should not be transformed into bedrooms. They should be abandoned or transformed into storage rooms

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