Bedroom layout how to recruit peach blossom

With the progress of the times, the lifestyle of Chinese people has become more and more dual, and more and more older girls are not married. Some of these girls would not marry early even if they were killed, while others could not find a boy they liked. We often see some anxious parents come up with various ways to help their daughter find a partner. In many marriage fairs, there are not many young people, but some uncles and aunts go to battle on behalf of their daughter to find their son-in-law

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in fact, this phenomenon is directly related to the change of girls’ ideas and the closer status of men and women in society. I don’t know if you have thought that it may also be related to the increasing neglect of Feng Shui in modern society. Many families simply pursue fashion and good-looking when decorating. Many families will build their houses into European style, but I don’t know. It is precisely these fashionable decoration that may block girls’ marriage

bed is an important item that can not be ignored in girls’ bedroom. In Feng Shui, girls’ bed is also the most important thing in the bedroom. In a girl’s room, the best place to set the bed is the corner at an angle of 45 degrees with the bedroom door, which is where the room is diagonally opposite the door. Girls with bad luck might as well try the arrangement of changing beds like this, which will have a surprising effect

in addition, pink and red are not suitable for the wall, but they are a good choice for single girls’ beds. Many elderly people place red lines at the head of girls’ beds. This is also the reason. They are all good things to help girls urge peach blossoms

now there is a very fashionable bed, which is round. A white mosquito net is hung from the ceiling and surrounds the whole bed. It feels like an Egyptian palace. Girls especially like this kind of bed, because in many western romantic films, the beds of princesses are very similar. For the convenience of mosquito net hanging, this round bed is usually in the middle of the house and cannot be next to the wall. In fact, from the perspective of Feng Shui, this kind of bed that makes you feel like a princess may turn the princess into Queen Victoria and can’t get married

It’s easier for a man to find a bed without four backs, which makes it more difficult for a girl to find a bed without four backs. Psychologically speaking, such a bed is also easy to make people dizzy and unable to concentrate

many girls like flowers and put flowers in their bedrooms, which is a good habit. Some girls will plant some flowers on the balcony of the house, which will decorate the room and make the owner easy to be happy. But if you replace flowers with bonsai, it’s terrible. The art of bonsai can cultivate people’s body and mind and make people calm. Therefore, many old people like to plant a few bonsai in the house to make the room more lively and not too fresh to burden the heart. This kind of old-fashioned decoration in a girl’s room is easy to make people lack of spirit, decadent and rigid behavior. Be careful to scare away the boys who want to pursue you

nowadays, many rooms like to use gray tone when decorating, which gives people a sense of rationality and calmness. Although this tone is very fashionable, it does great harm to girls’ good luck, and will make girls more indifferent and lack enthusiasm. This attitude is very important in marriage. In addition to the gray tone, other dark colors are best not to be used in girls’ rooms

now the house price is very expensive, so everyone cherishes every meter of our family. Some families with two girls can use bunk beds, which really saves space. However, if girls sleep like this when they are old, whether they sleep in the upper bunk or the lower bunk, their marriage may not come so smoothly

in the past, girls were required to follow three rules and four virtues and be able to run a family. Now the old etiquette has been broken. In addition, many families are single seedlings and spoiled. They never want girls to do housework. Therefore, some girls will be a little lazy and pile up everything. The best thing to pile up is under the bed, which can’t see and doesn’t seem to affect their actions. But if the sundries under the bed pile up for a long time, there will be bad luck. The girls who sleep on it every day will inevitably be contaminated by it, and it will be difficult to meet good boys. Therefore, although the space under the bed is invisible, keeping it clean and tidy is the performance of being responsible for yourself

one thing that many people in modern times may ignore is the bedside table. When you go to a large furniture mall, the bedside table of most people’s beds is one on one side, or there is no bedside table. Now, in many families, in order to save space, one bedside table will be omitted, but for the convenience of taking things at night, they are not willing to give up both bedside tables, so many beds have become only one bedside table. This is actually bad in Feng Shui. It is easy to lead to the failure of unmarried mm love, and married couples are more likely to have conflicts. Therefore, for families with conditions, it is best to use two bedside tables. If you add some lazy girls, everything is piled on the bedside table. You know, the bedside table is also our peach blossom place. Maybe something is suppressing your peach blossom among the sundries on it. If you want to blossom, clean up your messy bedside table and put a bunch of flowers, which will make you ” Life offends Peach Blossom ” ; Oh

another important point is that the south of the home corresponds to the separation of the eight trigrams, which represents the middle-aged daughter of the home, that is, a girl aged 16 to 30. Therefore, this position can properly place some items to promote peach blossom, rather than sundries or heavy objects, otherwise it will affect the good luck of the school-age girl to be married at home. Of course, this is a common position. Girls to be married can also calculate the position of peach blossoms at home according to the specific situation of the house and their own eight characters, and use the peach blossom position to promote the prosperity of peach blossoms. This point will also be mentioned in subsequent chapters

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