Feng Shui layout of modern kitchen stove

In the feng shui of the kitchen, the stove is the top priority in Feng Shui. Because the stove is the core of the kitchen, the stove is the spark of the kitchen and the key part related to wealth and fortune in the home, how the feng shui of the stove has always been a matter of great concern to people, and people will pay special attention to the layout of the stove. After all, everyone wants to reflect a good feng shui, So as to have a good fortune, what is the layout of Feng Shui of modern kitchen stove? Let’s see what the relevant articles say

I. avoid direct attack by the door

in the traditional Chinese Feng Shui concept, it is considered that the kitchen stove is a place for cooking food and supporting life, so it should not be too exposed, especially the direct attack of external air brought by the door

2. The kitchen should not be located in the northwest and due north

the eight trigrams nine palaces point out that the northwest belongs to the dry palace, the five elements belong to gold, and the five elements of the kitchen belong to fire. If the kitchen is located in the northwest, the five elements in the due north belong to water and belong to the extremely cold place in the north, which just forms the image of water and fire war, which is unfavorable to the men at home and affects their career and health, At the same time, it also affects the relationship between husband and wife, which is easy to be invaded by thieves. The kitchen should be located in the back half of the house

Third, the stove should not be empty behind the stove

the stove should not be empty behind the stove: the stove should be against the wall behind the stove, and it is not auspicious if there is transparent glass behind the stove, because as the ancient book says: ” Where the stove, avoid the window light, the main culprit” ;

IV. kitchen decoration Feng Shui stove direction layout

the stove is located in the extreme evil side in the south, which plays a role in suppressing evil. Psychologically, it can ensure the health and longevity of residents, and the children born are easy to grow and energetic; If the stove is located in the six evil spirits fierce side in the north, there will be no demolition disputes, not afraid of floods and fires, and the home is safe; If the stove is set in the Five ghosts and evil side in the East, it seems to be insured, avoiding fire and thieves. People in the family are diligent and frugal, will not waste and easy to accumulate money; If the stove is set in the disaster area in the southeast, the disaster can be prevented. These are the ancient saying

v. do not press the top of the kitchen beam

do not press the top of the kitchen beam: Feng Shui has ” Beam capping ” ; It is unlucky to say that it is unlucky to have a beam on the top of the bed or chair, while it is more inappropriate to have a beam on the stove, which is harmful to health

VI. the floor of the kitchen shall not be higher than the floor of the hall, room, etc.

the primary and secondary are different. The kitchen shall not be higher than the hall and room. If you serve food from the kitchen into the hall, you should rise step by step. On the contrary, there is the risk of returning money, which can also effectively prevent the backflow of sewage

VII. Avoid the collision between water and fire

the stove should not be close to the bowl and basin. The stove belongs to fire and the dishwashing basin belongs to water. Therefore, the two should not be close together, and the stove should not be sandwiched between two water, such as between the washing machine and the dishwashing basin

VIII. The stove cannot be backed by the toilet

the stove cannot be backed by the toilet. Water and fire impact, and the toilet is easy to attract insects and ants, and will produce foul gas bacteria

the platform should not face the door. The stove should not face the kitchen door or close to the window, mainly because the wind entering the room from these two entrances is likely to extinguish the flames of the gas stove and the petroleum gas stove, resulting in the leakage of liquefied gas

how important is the stove? I believe I don’t need to elaborate. We all know that the stove is one of the three important parts of a Yangzhai. We can see the importance of the stove in the home, and the feng shui of the stove is also related to wealth. So, do you dare to ignore the feng shui of the layout of the stove

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