Why shouldn’t the balcony face the gate

When choosing the balcony layout, it’s best not to face the door. If the balcony faces the door, it will cause the phenomenon of breaking money and damaging Ding in home feng shui

first of all, the gate is not only the place where anger and wealth flow into the house, but also the place where anger and wealth flow out. The gate should not face any door in order to avoid the direct flow of air from damaging wealth. Facing the balcony, the situation is even worse, because the balcony is also a place where anger and wealth flow. The air flow dissipates faster and can’t hide the wind and gather gas at all. It can’t accumulate wealth, and wealth may also be lost quickly

secondly, the balcony is opposite to the gate, which is easy to form convective wind. Especially in winter, a large amount of cold air enters the room, which is very harmful to people’s health. Especially if there are babies and the elderly at home, it’s best to avoid this situation

for this situation, the best solution is to change the balcony into a semi closed state, so that the balcony can play a certain role of wind accumulation. However, the transformation cost is relatively large. The simpler way is to set up a screen or put potted plants between the balcony and the door

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