What’s particular about the location of the restaurant

The Feng Shui aura field of each room in the house will be different, so there will be great differences in the impact of Feng Shui problems in different rooms on home transportation. For example, the main function of the restaurant is the place where the family eats, which symbolizes harmony and happiness. However, if the Feng Shui in the restaurant is poor, the family relationship will not be very harmonious, and there will often be contradictions and quarrels, resulting in difficulties in the family home. So here I’ll talk to you about some Feng Shui taboos about residential restaurants

  1. The restaurant is dirty and messy

if there are many sundries in the restaurant, it will have a certain adverse impact on family harmony. Because in the introduction to Feng Shui, it is believed that dirty garbage will have a dirty atmosphere. The restaurant is the place for family members to eat. If there is too much dirty atmosphere, it will not only be harmful to the health of family members, but also damage the Feng Shui atmosphere field in the restaurant, thus affecting family harmony

  2. There is a chandelier on the dining table

if there is a chandelier directly above the dining table, it will also have a certain adverse impact on family transportation. Because the chandelier gives people the feeling that it is very dangerous and just hangs above the table, so that the family sitting below will feel unsafe. Moreover, from the perspective of Feng Shui, such a layout will also destroy the Feng Shui aura of the restaurant, resulting in damage to family transportation, and there are often contradictions and disputes at home

  3. There are murderous objects in the restaurant

for example, there are portraits of wild animals on the wall, such as tigers, eagles, lions, cheetahs, etc. These are murderous objects. If such murals are hung in the restaurant, the Feng Shui atmosphere in the restaurant will be damaged. Eating in such an environment for a long time will lead to the emotional instability of the family and easy to get angry. It is likely to lead to contradictions and disputes due to some trivial things in life and destroy the harmony of the family

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