What factors of toilet door have an impact on residential Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, the Feng Shui function of any door is to accept Qi, and so is the toilet door. However, in reality, few people care about the feng shui of the toilet door. They only care about their own door, but in fact, if the feng shui of the toilet door is poor, it will also have a great impact on the feng shui of the whole house

what factors of toilet door have an impact on residential Feng Shui

after all, the toilet is the lower water level of the house and the main wealth. At the same time, it is also the shady place of the Yang house. If the feng shui of the toilet is poor, it will not only affect the wealth of the family, but also lead to the imbalance of yin and Yang and the disorder of Qi field. So we have to pay attention to the Feng Shui problem of the toilet door. What Feng Shui is particular about the toilet door

1. Orientation of toilet door: in Feng Shui, we pay great attention to orientation, orientation and other issues, because in Feng Shui, we believe that the energy of Feng Shui gas field in different orientations is different, so the Feng Shui impact on toilet door will be different. In this way, we need to pay attention to the orientation of toilet door as much as possible to avoid collision or wrong orientation

2. Color of toilet door: the Feng Shui energy of different colors will also be different. This is mainly because each color will have a certain Feng Shui and Qi transportation. For example, red and five elements belong to fire. This color is not suitable for toilet door. After all, the five elements of the toilet belong to water, so if you use the red toilet door, there will be a situation that the five elements are mutually exclusive, which is unfavorable to the feng shui of the toilet

3. Material of toilet door: the geomantic energy generated by different materials of toilet door will also be different. However, the toilet door used by most families may be made of glass. The five elements of glass belong to soil, which is actually unfavorable to the geomantic omen of toilet. We also need to pay more attention to this

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