Taboos of Feng Shui in decoration and entrance

The decoration of the entrance door is not only related to the facade of a home, but also related to the Feng Shui aura of a home! After all, the entrance door is the location of the entrance to the home. This part carries the Feng Shui circulation of the whole home air port, so in any case, we should pay attention to the decoration Feng Shui of the entrance door, and we need to understand the taboos in the decoration Feng Shui of the entrance door

the entrance door is facing the dining table

many people often ignore the importance of pattern in home decoration. In fact, the pattern of a home is the key to the success or failure of a home feng shui. Feng Shui believes that the pattern of the entrance door facing the dining table is very unfavorable to the feng shui of the home. This pattern will not only cause money loss, but also have a great impact on the wealth of the home and the health of the family. Therefore, we need to be careful in the decoration of the entrance door. The entrance door is unfavorable to the feng shui of the dining table, which is one of the things we need to avoid

the entrance door faces the window

in addition to not facing the dining table, the entrance door also needs to avoid facing the window! You should know the location of the entrance door, but the air port in the home. If you accidentally compare the location of the entrance door with the window in the decoration, it will form a pattern of gas field imagination. In this way, the vitality, prosperity and auspiciousness brought into the door will flow out of the window, resulting in the formation of a ” Piercing the heart ” ; This kind of aura is not only not conducive to the prosperity of home gas gathering, but also affects the wealth of home. Therefore, Feng Shui is unlucky when the door is facing the window. You must avoid it

put mirrors at the entrance door

many people always like to put mirrors at the entrance door to facilitate their final preparation before going out and examine their clothes and makeup, but in fact, mirrors cannot be placed at the entrance door. The mirror is an object with the function of transforming evil spirits. At the same time, the mirror will attract a lot of evil spirits and provoke some unclean things. Therefore, the placement of the mirror at the entrance door is not conducive to the Feng Shui aura. In addition, the mirror placed at the entrance door will also drive away the God of wealth and affect the wealth of the home; If you don’t want your wealth to be affected, don’t put mirrors at the entrance door

placing vases at the entrance door

in addition, in order to decorate the home environment and improve the style of the home, many people will place vases at the entrance door, which can enhance the guests’ first image of the home. Such decoration design is very stylish, but from the perspective of Feng Shui, married couples had better not place vases at the entrance door! Because the vase is the object of peach blossom, such decoration will only cause the emotional estrangement between husband and wife, and even attract a third party

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