Why shouldn’t the restaurant and kitchen be close to the bathroom

In modern houses, limited by the housing area, in order to make full use of the residential space, the kitchen is often connected with the bathroom, or the restaurant, kitchen and bathroom are connected. Although this design saves space, it is disadvantageous both from the perspective of environmental hygiene and home feng shui. Because if the bathroom is facing the restaurant and kitchen, the dirty air in the bathroom will be directly distributed to the kitchen and restaurant, and the sound of water from time to time will affect the spirit of the family and the mood when eating

in addition, from the perspective of Feng Shui, the kitchen is the energy area of fire and the bathroom is the energy area of water. Water and fire are incompatible. The collision of two irreconcilable gases of yin and Yang will cause the agitation of indoor energy field and hurt people. At the same time, it will also cause the pattern of water and fire attacking the heart, leading to the restlessness of homes and the decline of family fortune

therefore, if the housing area is relatively abundant, it’s best not to let the kitchen and restaurant close to the bathroom. If the housing area is really small, it’s best to carry out some transformation, such as changing the direction of sanitary door opening, or placing large potted plants in the restaurant to block the bad breath

in the decoration of the restaurant, we should not only be beautiful and generous, but also consider the feng shui of the kitchen. Specifically, we should pay attention to the following aspects:

① the color of the wall should not be too dazzling, mainly in light colors, such as gray and white or light yellow, which should not be too dazzling or reflective, in order to increase the comfort of eating, At the same time, it is also to create an environment conducive to physical and mental health for the family from Feng Shui

② mirrors should be installed on the wall or tableware cabinet, or pictures with bright colors and broad background should be hung, which can make people pleasing to the eyes, enhance appetite and maintain a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere during dining. The pictures hung in the restaurant should generally adopt realistic food sketches and scenic paintings with remote artistic conception, which are easy to be simple, not complex, and should not be hung and introduced; The painting of thinking affects the mood when eating

③ the restaurant has high requirements for air cleanliness and smell, because the bad smell will not only cause air pollution to the restaurant and destroy the appetite during dining, but also have a negative impact on home feng shui, resulting in tense relations between families and difficult communication

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