Home plant placement Feng Shui

Plants have a good effect on improving the indoor environment and improving the house transportation. Then, is the more indoor plants placed, the better? From the perspective of Feng Shui concept of home placement, the best placement of indoor plants is appropriate, and the most important thing is to see the size of house space

if the house space is relatively large and there is less furniture in the house, more indoor plants can improve the sense of emptiness and add vitality to the house; If the house space is too small, it should be placed in a small amount to leave enough space for family life. In fact, not all rooms need plants. Except for the kitchen, baby room and other places where plants are not suitable, other places also need to be seen according to the specific situation of the room and individual

if the owner doesn’t like plants, it’s better not to put them in the bedroom and study. Bad mood will destroy the quiet and peaceful atmosphere of the home. If the room is small and there are too many indoor plants, the fragrance of various plants will be mixed, which will make the fragrance in the house too strong and affect people’s health. There should be at least one or two in the living room, but no matter what; Prosperity ” ; Plants hold the prosperous position and purify the indoor air

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