How to put things on the desk

The office supplies on the desk also have their own stress on the placement, because a person’s placement of his own goods is closely related to the person’s thinking when working and studying. Everyone can sort out the supplies according to their own habits, but one thing we must remind everyone is that there must be a pattern of high mountains and low rivers in the placement of office supplies on the desk

the height of office supplies on both sides of the desk must not exceed the user’s height after sitting down. If it exceeds the user’s head, the user will not be able to stretch out his head, suggesting that the user will never be able to stand out, so he can’t lift his head in front of others. Therefore, this arrangement is a big taboo for the placement of desk supplies. Therefore, the placement of goods must have a high and low configuration, that is, the pattern of high mountains and low rivers

specifically, for male users, the green dragon position on the left hand should be high and moving, and the white tiger position on the right hand should be low and quiet. For some important items, such as telephone, fax machine and electric lamp, they should be placed on their left, which will be more beneficial to male users

conversely, if you are a female user, you should pay attention to strengthening the white tiger position on the right, and some relatively important items can be placed on the right

the desk top of the whole desk should always be kept neat and clean. After completing each work or reading and writing, it should not be too troublesome to clean up the desk top, put the utensils in order, and put the garbage and waste paper into the trash can after cleaning, so as to be conducive to the next work, reading and study, so as to maintain the efficiency of work and study. Every time, start from a neat desk, Finally, it ends with a neat desktop, so that everything starts and ends, which helps users quickly start their brains and make their thinking flexible and clear

the furniture placed in the study also has certain attention. In terms of color, it is appropriate to choose the dark one, such as chestnut, dark brown, iron red, etc. these colors look very dignified, concise, thick and simple, which is helpful for users to calm down and think

the lighting used in the study should be intertwined with fluorescent lamps and incandescent lamps, which can receive a dynamic and static effect. However, it should be noted that those too fancy colored lamps cannot be placed in the study, because the lights they emit will dazzle people and produce a sense of fatigue, which is not conducive to people’s rapid entry into the state of work and study, At the same time, avoid directly irradiating people’s back brain with floor headlights

in addition, the protagonist in the study ” mdash” mdash; There are also great taboos when placing the desk. The first thing to pay attention to is that the desk can not face the wall of the bathroom or public bathroom, nor can it back against the wall of the bathroom

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