Complete knowledge of home decoration feng shui design

The decoration design of home must conform to Feng Shui in order to create a good feng shui atmosphere and contribute to the health, fortune and wealth of the family. Therefore, Feng Shui is also a part that we must consider in home design; So in Feng Shui, what is the complete knowledge of home decoration feng shui design? The following is the relevant articles compiled by Fstips. Let’s have a look

family decoration feng shui design knowledge

family decoration feng shui design knowledge

1 living room

1. The living room must be bright, the living room must be kept clean at any time, and the air must be circulated. Feng Shui emphasizes hiding wind and gathering gas, so there must be windows. 2. The living room is forbidden to have beam capping, which is a big taboo of Feng Shui. There is a beam on the top of the sofa, which will not only make people feel depressed, but also be detrimental to the fortunes of their families. 3. The color of the space should be bright and generous. There is no large-scale use of color, especially red and purple, which will cause visual fatigue and should make people develop an impatient character. 4. The sofa should be placed against the solid wall, and there is a backing on the back of the sofa, that is, the solid wall is reliable. If the back of the sofa is a window, door or passage, and the back is empty, it will cause a situation of scattered leakage, which is difficult to make a fortune. Don’t open the door to the balcony. Many houses open the door to the balcony of the living room. This layout will form a hall evil, resulting in a lack of money. Fortunes fluctuate

2 bedroom

1. It is not suitable to face west. The bedroom should be better oriented. Especially when placing the bed, the bed undertakes sleep. The phase between North and south is the most appropriate to cater to the magnetic field and conform to Feng Shui. 2. The bed should not be topped by beams, which is a Feng Shui taboo. There is beam pressure at the head of the bed, which virtually blocks your journey and suppresses your popularity, resulting in sleeplessness and mental depression at night. 3. The bed should not be directly facing the mirror. The mirror is Yin and has light evil. The bed undertakes sleep and rest. If the two are right, the evil spirit goes straight to the people on the bed. When half dreaming and half waking, they are afraid to be frightened by their own images. 4. The head and foot of the bed should not be aligned with the door. The door is an air port, which is used to receive gas. It is opposite to the bed. When people sleep on it, they not only have no privacy, but also suffer from gas all year round. 5. The bed is not suitable for the toilet. Many bedrooms have toilet design. Pay attention that the toilet door is not opposite to the head of the bed, otherwise the turbid air punch will oppress Feng Shui

3 kitchen

1. Don’t open the door to the kitchen. The kitchen is the place of cooking. There is dirty oil fume. If it is opposite the door, it will block the auspicious gas from entering the door. Secondly, opening the door to the stove is the phase of returning money. 2. Not close to the bedroom. The kitchen is hot and the bedroom needs to be quiet and pleasant. If the kitchen stove and the bedroom bedside are the same wall, it will cause people to burn on the fire, which is by no means a good thing. 3. The stove should not be open behind. Cooking on the stove needs fire. If the back is open, the fire will be unstable and the journey will be up and down. 4. Avoid the conflict between water and fire. The internal facilities should be properly placed. The sink and refrigerator should not be opposite to the stove, otherwise it will form the trend of water and fire, resulting in the disorder of kitchen atmosphere and affecting Feng Shui. 5. The stove should not be pressed with beams. If there are beams above the stove, cooking will be limited, people’s health will be affected and their luck will be oppressed

4 toilet

1. The toilet is the place where turbid gas is generated and should not be opened in the center of the house, otherwise it will cause pollution around. 2. It is better to put pressure on the evil side and avoid putting pressure on the auspicious side, otherwise the turbid gas will rage and suppress the auspicious gas. 3. The toilet should be hidden and not adjacent to the gate. The auspicious air entering the gate is opposed to the turbid air coming out of the toilet, resulting in the imbalance of Feng Shui. 4. It is a big taboo not to open the window. The bathroom has heavy moisture, and it is difficult to ventilate without opening the window, so it is not suitable to exhaust. 5. It is not opposite to the kitchen and the kitchen toilet. One fire and one water vapor lead to the incompatibility between water and fire in the house. Moreover, the kitchen is a place for cooking and avoid filthy things

5 study

1. There should be a back seat, such as sitting with a dark back, resulting in no sense of security and no snobbery in Feng Shui. Can not face the door or walkway, opposite to the door and walkway, people outside the house often lead to lack of concentration, and the door is an air port, sitting opposite to the air impact. 3. The seat cannot be directly facing the toilet door. The toilet is a place where turbidity is scattered. If you smell the odor for a long time against the toilet, it will lead to unstable transportation. 4. There shall be no insufficient light or no windows on the seat. If the light is weak, it is unfavorable to study and work, and the eyes are injured and the space is cloudy. For a long time, it will make people lazy and negative, and it is easier to be pessimistic. 5. There can be no beam above the seat. The beam is pressed against the top. Feng Shui is taboo. Being pressed by the beam will lead to limited thoughts and poor mind. This will affect judgment and bring disaster to fortune

seven design knowledge of home decoration Feng Shui

first, avoid too heavy, too thick and too tight ceiling, too dark color and too fancy

the floor height of the current building is low, which will give people a sense of depression, congestion and room breathing. Excessive ” Luxury ” ; Lead to the tendency of ballroom, make the quiet room bloated and complicated, and lose the beauty of warm static room

II. The floor shall not use three-dimensional geometric patterns and materials with different colors

in this way, it is easy to produce uneven visual effects and visual deviation of instantaneous consciousness, resulting in the wrestling of the elderly and children

III. avoid disharmony between floor color and furniture color

all large-area color patches must be harmonious. If the color depth difference is too large, it will affect the effect

IV. avoid too luxurious hotel tendency

spending more than 100000 yuan or hundreds of thousands of yuan on the four walls to show off your identity is actually nondescript and tacky, which destroys the original intention of static comfort and elegance in your home

v. avoid messy colors and improper matching of furnishings, ” Colorful ”

too many colors should not be used in the same room. Colors can be set separately in different rooms. Don’t be fancy and disordered

VI. avoid putting large furniture in small rooms

if the house is decorated with towering giant furniture and the color is painted very deep, one is to destroy the integrity of the overall shape of the house; Second, make the proportion of houses unbalanced; Third, it hinders the visual freshness

VII. Avoid ” Give up love ”

some families are well decorated, but they still let them follow for many years, outdated Furniture ” Public display, Extremely uncoordinated, uncomfortable, mismatched

complete knowledge of feng shui design of home decoration windows

windows, like doors, absorb light and gas, and are the channel for home life to communicate with the outside world. It not only separates people from the outside world, giving people a sense of security in space, but also does not completely separate people from the outside world. Now there are many precautions for window decoration. Here are the precautions for window decoration in Feng Shui

Home Feng Shui believes that windows are one of the important factors for storing wind and gas at home. The way of opening windows and the design of windows, including their location, shape and size, are related to the prosperity, decline, strength and weakness of receiving gas in home feng shui, and affect the quality of home feng shui, which is related to the good and bad luck of the whole family. Therefore, it is necessary to consider some Feng Shui factors when decorating families in Chengdu

precautions for window decoration the best way to open the window is to open it outward

the design of the window can determine the flow of air. The window should be fully open and open outward, not inward, downward or upward. Among them, the outward window is the best. On the one hand, it does not affect the space and is more practical; On the one hand, it can also strengthen the career opportunities of residents. Opening a window outward can make a large amount of fresh air flow enter and turbid air flow out. The inward opening windows are easy to be attacked by knives, and the window corners are easy to hurt people

precautions for window decoration window design should be comprehensively considered

the design of windows should focus on the circulation of indoor air

the window is the eye of the house. It broadens the field of vision, communicates inside and outside, and plays an indispensable and important role in the home. Its quantity, type, shape and orientation will have an impact on home feng shui

1. Precautions for window decoration the number of windows should be moderate

windows can ensure the free flow of internal and external Qi of the family, but if there are too many windows, it will disturb the atmosphere of home feng shui, and home life is easy to be nervous and difficult to relax. On the contrary, if there are too few windows and the internal Qi is depressed, it is not conducive to the health of residents

2. Precautions for window decoration: the size of the window should be moderate

the window in the living room or bedroom is too large, which is easy to lead to internal air leakage. In summer, too much sunshine and heat will enter the room, and in winter, the hot air in the house will be lost rapidly. Curtains or other shelters should be installed. It should not be too small. Houses with too small windows will give people the feeling of being shabby and stingy, and residents will become narrow-minded and introverted

3. Precautions for window decoration window shape

the most common window shapes are square window, arched window and round window. Round or arched windows give people a quiet and serene feeling like a church. They are suitable for bedrooms, porches and leisure rooms; Square windows give people a sense of excitement and affirmation. They are suitable for restaurants and workplaces. Using two window shapes in home feng shui design can get the best results. The way of opening windows

precautions for window decoration the orientation of windows

in Yi Jing Feng Shui, opening windows in different directions has different meanings and plays different roles

1. Window facing east:

the sunrise in the East breeds hope and vitality. The window facing east can make the house full of Yang and auspicious

2. Windows facing north:

windows facing north are not conducive to the health of residents, because the North belongs to Yin water in the five elements of Feng Shui, and opening windows facing north is easy to make bad gas enter

3. Windows facing south:

windows facing south comply with the principle of sitting north and facing south, which is the most common window direction

4. Windows facing Southeast:

windows facing Southeast are conducive to warm in winter and cool in summer, which is conducive to health

5. Windows facing west and Northwest:

windows facing west and northwest are vulnerable to cold wind in winter

6. Windows facing northeast and Southwest:

precautions for window decoration these two orientations generally do not open large windows, and the Feng Shui Effect of small windows will be relatively small

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