How do you think the feng shui of decoration is good or bad

I believe you will not be unfamiliar with the decoration of the house, but for the quality of the decoration, most people may evaluate it based on the beauty of the decoration, or some careful people will consider the quality of the materials used for the decoration, whether it will be harmful to the human body, etc., but few people will look at the feng shui of the decoration

you should know that the quality of Feng Shui decoration will also have a certain impact on the fortunes of your family, so here we will talk about how to look at Feng Shui after decoration

How do you think the feng shui of decoration is good or bad? Introduction to key points of indoor Feng Shui

1. Look at the pattern: if the original pattern of the house is good, try not to change the pattern of the house during decoration. For example, some people will make some changes to the kitchen and bathroom when decorating. Or make the bathroom bigger, or make the kitchen bigger, and so on. These changes may damage the feng shui of the original house. Therefore, if the original house pattern is better, try not to change it in the decoration

2. Look at the color: pay attention to the paint color used in the decoration process. Because different colors have different Feng Shui aura, we must pay attention to the color in the decoration process. Try to consider from the perspective of the owner’s fate. For example, the owner’s five elements belong to wood, so the color should avoid the color of fire attributes such as red and orange, otherwise it will have a great impact on the owner’s luck. Of course, it is not absolutely impossible to use. Sometimes, for the sake of beauty, using less will not have a great impact on the owner

3. Look at the material: for example, the material of the wardrobe in the master bedroom, the material of the shoe cabinet entering the door and some furniture materials such as closets, if customized during decoration, we must pay attention to the Feng Shui aura of the material and whether it will have an adverse impact on the Feng Shui aura of the surrounding environment

decoration is mainly aimed at changing the indoor environment, so it will inevitably affect the indoor Feng Shui. Therefore, we must learn how to look at the decoration Feng Shui

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