House decoration will destroy residential Feng Shui

We all attach great importance to the problem of house. When many people first buy a house, they not only pay attention to the beauty, transportation and area of the house, but also pay attention to the feng shui of the house. After all, only a good feng shui of the house can ensure the good fortune of their family. However, if you violate some Feng Shui taboos in the process of house decoration, it may also destroy the feng shui of the house, which many people may not care about

will house decoration destroy residential Feng Shui? Feng Shui attribute to pay attention to in decoration

when buying a house at first, it may be judged from the environment and shape of the house, while the indoor home feng shui environment may be damaged during decoration. Therefore, what we need to introduce here is the home Feng Shui problem that we need to pay attention to in decoration

1. Color of house decoration: the color in the house will also have a certain Feng Shui energy. When choosing the color during decoration, try to choose some relatively elegant colors, and if it is a gorgeous color, it may have too strong evil spirit. And when choosing the color, it’s best to be consistent with the master’s fate. For example, for people with five elements of water, they should use some colors related to gold or yellow equal to gold when decorating, which will have a certain strengthening effect on the master’s fate

2. Materials for house decoration: the problem of decoration materials may be environmental protection. For example, pungent smell will be harmful to people’s health. From the perspective of geomantic omen, the material is mainly composed of five elements. Wood and five elements belong to wood and metal, five elements belong to gold, brick and stone, and five elements belong to soil. The five elements are complementary and mutually exclusive. In terms of materials, we should also pay attention to their geomantic attributes

here we introduce some five element attributes that need attention in decoration. At the same time, they also belong to the category of Feng Shui attributes. Understanding and paying attention to these contents will have a great strengthening effect on residential Feng Shui

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