How to decorate the kitchen

As far as home is concerned, if a family wants to enjoy the happiness of eating and staying healthy, it is not only related to the color, aroma, taste and nutrition of the food itself, but also depends on the place where the food is cooked ” mdash” mdash; kitchen. As far as Feng Shui is concerned, the kitchen has some congenital defects. Areas with a lot of water such as the kitchen are regarded as unlucky rooms in the house, and the good or bad luck of its location often affects the rise and fall of family luck. This requires us to pay attention to adjusting the position of the kitchen and the furnishings of kitchen utensils, so as to create a good kitchen Feng Shui. Here are some basic knowledge of kitchen layout and furnishings, which will be explained one by one here

I. location

feng shui masters usually suggest that the kitchen be placed in the four evil sides of their parents’ life divination, which helps to suppress the evil side. The Yang Qi produced by the fire can reconcile the foul Qi of the evil side and improve Feng Shui. The kitchen should also be located in the back half of the house, as far away from the door as possible

II. mirror

the use of mirror in Feng Shui has both positive and negative effects. Correct decoration can improve or improve Feng Shui conditions. If it is not properly decorated, it will cause great harm to residents. One of the taboos of hanging mirrors in the kitchen is that the mirror can’t reflect the fire. If the mirror is hung on the wall behind the stove and reflects on the food in the pot, it will do more harm. This is called ” Tianmen fire ” , Will cause fire or misfortune to the house. On the other hand, if you hang a mirror in the dining area to reflect the food on the table, it will increase the wealth of the family

III. Color

can be determined according to personal preferences. Generally speaking, light and bright colors make the narrow kitchen seem spacious; The color with low purity makes the kitchen look warm and harmonious; The color with warm hue makes the atmosphere of the kitchen space lively and enthusiastic, which can enhance appetite. Bright colors can be used for the ceiling, upper and lower walls and the upper part of the protective wall panel, while the lower part of the protective wall panel and the ground can see the color to make the indoor center of gravity stable. The kitchen facing north can use warm color to improve the sense of room temperature; The room facing Southeast has enough sunshine, so cool color should be adopted to achieve the effect of cooling

by skillfully using the characteristics of color, we can make visual adjustment with the height, width and depth of space. If the kitchen space is too high, you can use dignified dark treatment to make it look not so high; For rooms that are too small, use bright colors and light tones to create a sense of spaciousness and comfort. Fully lit kitchens can be decorated with cool colors to avoid getting hotter in summer when the sun is strong

IV. orientation

the kitchen is a place with more water at home and a place for making fire and cooking. It should not face the south. In real life, if facing the south, the food is easy to deteriorate in summer; When the south wind blows outdoors, the smoke generated during cooking will diffuse the whole room, so it’s best not to set the kitchen in the south direction

besides, don’t go straight to the door in the kitchen. The ancient book “three essentials of Yangzhai” says: ” Open the door to the stove and waste more money” ; It means that if the stove mouth is in a straight line with the door, there will be punishment. Lord, the family’s wealth is unlucky, it is suspected of breaking money, and it will damage their health. Main attention should be paid to gastroenteropathy

v. kitchenware

if microwave oven or electric rice cooker is used, it should be placed in one of the four auspicious squares in the room; The sockets of electric rice cooker and microwave oven shall also be located in Kyrgyzstan; The same principle also applies to toasters and stewing pots; All kinds of kitchen knives or fruit knives in the kitchen should not be hung on the wall or inserted on the knife holder, but should be put in the drawer; Garlic, onion and pepper should not be hung in the kitchen, because these things will absorb Yin Qi

VI. plants

the kitchen is located in the East, which is Daji. If in other directions, red flowers can be placed on the table and near the refrigerator, which can help protect the health of family members; The kitchen is located in the West. Golden flowers, daffodils and three color violets can be placed by the window. They can not only block the evil atmosphere of the sunset, but also bring unexpected wealth to the family; If the kitchen is located in the north, pink and orange flowers should be placed on the table or cabinet to add vitality to the interior

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