What’s the Feng Shui particular about the placement of the bed

There are many Feng Shui stresses on the placement of the bed. The simplest and beneficial way is to make the sitting direction of the bed auspicious, that is, the position of the bed belongs to the flourishing Qi, and the magnetic field is also the most suitable for the human body. Therefore, Feng Shui believes that it is better to place the bed in the East, South, Southeast, southwest and northeast ” rsquo; These directions are auspicious in Feng Shui, especially in the East and Southeast, where vitality and prosperity are the most abundant

North and West are the two directions that should be avoided most. Because the magnetic field in the northern position will disturb people’s sleep, which is especially easy to oppress the nerves. The western position is the worst position, and Feng Shui is the most taboo ” The head of the bed faces west, In the west, too much yang qi in summer and too much Yin Qi in winter have a certain impact on health

in addition, the western position is the most taboo position for the elderly, which will increase the elderly’s fear, especially not suitable for placing the elderly’s bed; In Feng Shui, the west is the white tiger position. Feng Shui bed in the west is the position of women’s sovereignty, which is not in line with the traditional feng shui theory, which may lead to disharmony in the family and is especially not suitable for the couple’s bedroom

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