What Feng Shui matters should be paid attention to when decorating the toilet

Although the toilet is regarded as the gathering place of yin and bad luck in the feng shui of the building, because the toilet itself is a part of the house and plays a very important role, it must be able to ensure that there is stable Feng Shui in the toilet, which needs to avoid some bad situations when decorating the house

item 1: the location of the toilet should be appropriate

this is one of the key points to ensure the normal Feng Shui in the toilet. If the bathroom can’t be in a suitable house orientation, no matter how excellent the interior decoration is, it can’t bring good feng shui. The orientation suitable for the bathroom is mainly in the east or southeast of the home. Because there is strong water of five elements in the toilet and five elements are flourishing in the East and Southeast, it is suitable for the construction of the toilet. In this way, the vigorous water vapor in the bathroom can be dissolved by the energy of the wood of the five elements

item 2: the door of the toilet should be normal

what is said here is that the position of the door of the toilet must be reasonable to avoid colliding with the door of other houses, so as to form a shock. You should know that it is very common for the doors in the house to be opposite, and some people even because of ” Symmetrical Aesthetics ” ; And deliberately decorate it into the opposite situation of the gate. However, this kind of decoration can not bring good feng shui. On the contrary, it is easy to lead to the conflict of air transportation in different houses. For example, if the bathroom is opposite to the kitchen door, there will be a pattern of water and fire

item 3: there should be windows in the bathroom

although it is a very private space, the windows still need to be opened in the bathroom, and we must not choose not to open the windows for privacy. If there are no windows, the air transportation in the bathroom cannot flow normally, resulting in more yin and moisture

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