Why is irregular room not suitable for study

In modern residential design, due to the limitation of building space and building area, many irregular rooms will be produced. The so-called irregular room refers to the situation that is different from the traditional square room, that is, the shape of the room is not a cube or cuboid, but a polygon or the roof is inclined and uneven. This irregular room generally has a small area, which is not suitable for the living room or bedroom. It seems to make full use of space to use as a study, but in fact, this kind of room will produce bad feng shui

this is because irregular rooms are prone to sharp corners, forming ” Sharp horn brake, It will affect people’s health and fortune, and the unstable room gives people a dazzling feeling, which makes people have a sense of fear and instability psychologically. The effect of reading and studying in such a room can be imagined

therefore, it is better not to choose irregular rooms in the study. If the residential area is really limited, it is also necessary to transform the irregular parts of the room, such as filling the roof by means of ceiling, placing Feng Shui plants at the sharp corners of the room to dissolve the evil spirit, etc

the study is a place for people to study, study and think. It is necessary to keep the air quality good and fresh. The toilet and kitchen are places where dirt and oil fume are generated. In particular, the door of the study can not be directly facing the toilet and kitchen door. This is because the smell of the toilet is unpleasant, wet, easy to accumulate water, and the Yin is heavier, while the smell of kitchen oil fume will be sent into the air, and the fire is heavier. The study is a clean place and should not be impacted by water and fire, otherwise it is not conducive to the health of people who work and study in the study for a long time. At the same time, it will also lead to poor spirit, fatigue and affect reading and thinking

in addition, as far as home feng shui is concerned, because the study is a place to improve people’s soul and wisdom. If it is collided by filthy gas, it will cause difficulties in reading and entering school, and people are not smart. Especially for students studying, if the study is disturbed by turbid gas, it will lead to a decline in achievements, double the results with half the effort, and setbacks in learning to rise. Therefore, if the home layout allows, the study is best selected in a room away from the kitchen and bathroom

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