Children’s room interior decoration Feng Shui

children’s room interior decoration Feng Shui well arranged is conducive to the healthy and vigorous growth of children. We should start from the children’s room, rather than blindly meet the material needs of children, without paying attention to the subtle influence of spirit and Feng Shui. If the son does not teach the father and son, the teaching is not good, and indoor Feng Shui plays an auxiliary role

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Feng Shui diagram of interior decoration of children’s room. In addition, the children’s room should also be far from the kitchen, and there should be no draught to make the children easy to catch a cold. The children’s room needs space. The decoration should not be too complex, and the furniture should not be too large. The room should not be blocked and cramped. Children’s room should leave enough growth space for children, cultivate children’s independence and reduce dependence through the influence education of environment and family. A small table or small storage cabinet can be set up in the room to allow them to organize their internal items freely and cultivate their practical ability. Furniture shall be round as much as possible, and glass products shall not be used to avoid being natural and reduce the risk of collision

  1. Children are in the vigorous stage of growth and development and need to absorb energy from all aspects. The most ideal children’s room is the room that can receive sunlight energy at dawn. Therefore, the children’s room is preferred to the east or southeast of the house; The Western five elements of the house belong to gold, which will receive plenty of sunshine in the afternoon and can also be used as children’s room. However, this position is more suitable for children’s sleep and is not conducive to the game function of children’s room. Children’s bedrooms cannot be located under the balcony, near the outdoor air conditioner or other operating machines, so as to avoid brain neurasthenia

  2. The ceiling of the bedroom should be flat, preferably in light color (dark color is fierce)

3 The bedroom floor cannot be covered with dark or long wool carpet to avoid affecting the respiratory tract. The color inside the children’s room also has a very important impact on the child’s heart. First of all, the color should be light and elegant. Do not use too intense red and purple to avoid stimulating children. Do not use black and pure white. If you use light blue as the bottom, and then decorate some grass green, bright yellow and pink colors, you can achieve better results

  4. Do not place mirrors and hang too many wind chimes to avoid neurasthenia caused by easy distraction of children. There should be no mirror at the entrance to avoid emotional discord and gossip

5 Pictures have a great impact on children’s growth. The hanging pictures on the wall should focus on the natural positive content. It is not suitable to hang the photos of soldiers, stars with strange clothes or heavy makeup, and do not hang statues, etc. Because it is easy for children to be influenced, and the character is changeable too early, which is unfavorable to natural growth

6 Children’s toys should be mainly piano, car or building blocks and other toys that are conducive to enlightening intelligence, while dolls and animal dolls should not be closed or locked in the cabinet, so as to avoid children’s bad physical and mental tendencies from childhood

7 Bedroom light should be bright; The main colors should be red, dark and black to avoid restlessness. It is best to use soft wall lamps to replace cabinet lamps or floor lamps for the lighting of children’s room, which is warm and soft, and can avoid the danger of scattered wires on the ground to children. If the child is afraid of the dark and can’t sleep, or it seems constrained when it’s dark, putting a small lamp high in the children’s room can effectively improve the problem of fear of the dark

  8. The bedroom door cannot be opposed to the toilet door

  9. The placement position of children’s bed is very important. In addition to referring to the key points of adult bed placement, the following aspects should be paid attention to. If it is an only child, the bed of the children’s bed should be in the same direction as the parents’ bed, which is conducive to the harmony between parents and children. If there are two or more children sharing a room at home, putting their beds in the same direction will also help reduce their friction and contradiction. The head of the children’s bed is better to the East and Southeast. Because the five elements in the East and Southeast belong to wood, which is conducive to growth and is beneficial to children’s height and health; If children can’t sleep at night, they can choose Luo as the calm West and north; The head of the bed facing south will lead to children’s irritability; The Northeast will lead to children’s carelessness; Southwest will lead to children’s timidity and restraint; Northwest will lead to children’s premature, so it’s best to choose carefully, because these positions are unfavorable to children’s growth

Interior decoration for children floor and wall Feng Shui

1 The floor of the children’s room is best laid with natural wood floor, which is safe and easy to clean. Avoid paving with stone. The nature of stone is relatively cold, and the stone contains some radioactive elements more or less, which is not conducive to the growth of children. Carpet should not be laid in children’s room. Although the carpet is safe and is not afraid of children falling, it is easy to attach too much dust, which will lead to children suffering from bronchial or respiratory diseases for a long time

  2. The decoration should be concise and practical as far as possible. Don’t post too fancy wallpaper on the wall to avoid upset

3 Avoid posting strange animal portraits on the walls, because tangible things must have spirit, and birds of a feather flock together

4 The color of the wall should not be too dazzling big red and purple, so as to avoid too stimulating the senses. It is also forbidden to use black. The sky blue is used as the bottom and dotted with some grass green, bright yellow and pink colors, which can also achieve a harmonious effect

other precautions for Feng Shui in the interior decoration of children’s room

(1) Adult beds should not be used to replace children’s beds. There are both attention to the order of growth and childhood in Feng Shui, It can also prevent the risk of children falling asleep

(2) the door of the children’s room should be kept closed at night. The windows should be installed with curtains and rolled up during the day, so that the fresh air and sunshine outside the window can enter and leave the room freely; Closing the curtains at night can effectively block the influence of external things and make it easy for children to fall asleep

(3) do not place mirrors and hang too many wind chimes in the children’s room to avoid neurasthenia caused by easy distraction

(4) children’s toys should be mainly piano, car or building block toys conducive to enlightening intelligence, while dolls, animals and other toys should not be closed and locked under any circumstances. Toys are made of wood, which is natural and durable

there are more and more only children. Children are a treasure, and education has become a prominent problem. Children’s room interior decoration Feng Shui is well done, which is beneficial to their physical and mental health and development. Children’s room interior decoration Feng Shui is less off track and rebellious, which can be used for reference by the majority of parents


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