Where is the financial position in the living room

The financial position of the living room is located in the diagonal direction of the entrance of the living room. If the house door is opened on the left, the wealth position is on the top of the right diagonal. If the house door is opened on the right, the wealth position is on the top of the left diagonal. If the house door is opened in the middle, the wealth position is on the top of the left diagonal

the wealth position of the living room affects the wealth of the whole family and is related to the rise and fall of home transportation. Therefore, the layout of wealth position is very important

first, wealth should be bright rather than dark. If there is sunshine and light, wealth will flourish. Therefore, if the sun rarely shines into the living room, install a long-term light in the financial position of the living room to resolve it

Second, the position of wealth should be solid rather than empty, and there should be no doors, windows and columns. Behind the position of wealth, it’s better to have solid two walls, which symbolizes that there are backers to rely on to ensure no worries. If there are glass windows or doors at or behind the wealth position, the wealth will leak out and there will be a risk of losing money

Third, wealth should be popular. Wealth can bring wealth to people. If people don’t come here to absorb energy, how can wealth be given to people? Therefore, beds, sofas and dining tables can be placed on the financial position

Fourth, some lucky objects can be placed at the wealth position to increase the energy of the wealth position

in addition, the wealth position should be ventilated, clean and tidy. If the toilet, bathroom and sundries are pressed in this direction, it will not only be conducive to attracting wealth, but also cause the loss of family wealth and can not be shot by sharp angles; Aquatic plants and fish tanks should not be placed here; Don’t put items that will vibrate slightly, such as audio and television, on the financial position, and heavy items, such as bookcases, wardrobe and combination cabinet, can’t be placed on the financial position. The financial position pressure will affect the family’s financial luck

with vigorous branches and leaves and strong vitality, the growing evergreen plants are most conducive to wealth. Therefore, the most suitable material for wealth is Pueraria lobata, rubber tree, money tree and Brazilian iron tree, and it should be planted to avoid wealth being turned into water. Cactus plants are mainly used for dissolving evil spirits. Do not place such plants without professional analysis

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