How to dissolve the Feng Shui between the kitchen and the bedroom door

The kitchen is the place where we cook food and master our three meals a day, so the kitchen is very important. Because of this, the kitchen will have a lot of oil smoke, and the bedroom is our daily rest place and a private space. If the kitchen and bedroom are relatively easy to cause some health hazards, we must pay attention to such household types, So how to resolve the Feng Shui between the kitchen and the bedroom door? Let’s see what the relevant articles say

how to resolve the Feng Shui when the kitchen door is facing the bedroom door

I. how about the Feng Shui when the kitchen door is facing the bedroom door

the kitchen is a place for cooking and the villain in the home, while the bedroom is a place for auspiciousness. If the kitchen door is opposed to the bedroom door, there will inevitably be disputes between right and wrong. Therefore, it is very unfavorable to Feng Shui and will mainly destroy the aura. Moreover, it is a taboo to hedge between doors. Feng Shui believes that it is not in line with the way of Feng Shui and should be avoided as far as possible

Second, the kitchen door is facing the Feng Shui influence of the bedroom door

the hedge between the door and the door is a Feng Shui taboo. The bedroom represents the feelings of husband and wife, and the feelings between husband and wife will be adversely affected. The kitchen stove is a place for making fire and cooking, which is very dry and hot. Otherwise, it will be unfavorable to the people in the room, which will cause the family to be haunted by diseases, so it is difficult to hide wind and accept Qi for the bedroom, which should be avoided as far as possible

III. the kitchen door is facing the bedroom door. The hedge between doors is generally improved by using plants, screens or porches. However, if the bedroom door is opened in a prosperous direction, it can also have a vigorous aura. The orientation of the door can be determined according to the fate of the owner, such as ” Yang life and fire face each other ” ; The preferred location is the southwest, so the southwest as the bedroom door will be a very prosperous atmosphere field, which can bring good feng shui luck

kitchen door to bedroom door Feng Shui defuse coup

door in Feng Shui is an air port, which represents people’s mouth, trachea, respiratory tract and digestive tract in terms of health. Therefore, door to door is relative, which is easy to cause tongue litigation. Door to toilet and kitchen is easy to cause problems of mouth, teeth, respiration and digestive tract. Toilet door to bedroom door is easy to cause physical diseases, mainly gynecological diseases. Toilet door to kitchen door is easy to cause gastrointestinal and other symptoms. In addition, door to door is easy to produce effects within three meters, and the impact outside three meters is very small. It mainly depends on the distance and whether there are such diseases. If there are, pay attention

will the kitchen door face the bedroom door

because the kitchen is an important place for cooking, the oil smoke is strong; The kitchen door is facing the bedroom door, which will easily lead to dizziness, irritability and affect the heart, eyes, skin, blood circulation, throat, lung, bone, back, liver and gallbladder and hemorrhoids. Therefore, it is not suitable to be directly opposite to the bedroom door. Entering the bedroom due to air convection is unfavorable to the people in the room. In the long run, it will damage their health, and even the occurrence of epidemic disease and hematemesis

how to resolve the kitchen door facing the bedroom door

1. You can hang bead curtains and other things at the kitchen door. As long as there is a formal blocking effect, anything can be

2. Improvement method: reconstruct the entrance and exit on either side; Frequent door closing; The doors on both sides are hung with pearls to dissolve the evil spirit, and the left and right corners are hung with rattan leaf plants or screens that are too high and too wide to pass the door

on the Feng Shui solution of kitchen door to bedroom door

I. what are the taboos about the orientation of kitchen door

the kitchen door should not face the door directly, otherwise it will expose wealth and lead to financial problems at home. Another said that the kitchen door facing the door would damage the hostess’s health. The kitchen door should not face the bedroom door, toilet door and balcony door. The smell of oil smoke entering the bedroom is bad for the people in the bedroom. Toilet smell into the kitchen, more inappropriate, and the toilet five acts of water, the kitchen is fire, once there is a phenomenon that water and fire are not allowed, family disputes will arise. The balcony door and kitchen door will make the air flow too smooth and do not stay at home, resulting in the weakening of the cohesion of the home and the lack of warm atmosphere

II. Where should the kitchen be

the kitchen should not be in the center of the house. The kitchen needs to discharge a lot of oil fume every day. It is located in the center of the house, which is not conducive to the installation of ventilation equipment. The whole house is easy to be contaminated by the hot gas of oil fume. In Feng Shui, the center of the house is the center of Tai Chi. It should be auspicious rather than fierce, clean and chaotic. The kitchen should not be next to the bedroom, because the bedroom is a place to rest, and the air flow should be quiet rather than moving. The kitchen air flow is changeable, with more electromagnetic interference and damp and hot gas, which will affect each other. For many compact small family houses, the kitchen is arranged in the inner Ming hall, which is the entrance, which is extremely unfavorable to the financial luck of the house. In Feng Shui, the kitchen is the Treasury of home feng shui. If it is set at the gate, the good luck outside will directly enter the Treasury kitchen without passing through the living room, dining room and other rooms. The wealth does not flow in the indoor air field, resulting in limited wealth

III. what is the emphasis on the arrangement of kitchen stoves

the stove belongs to fire, and there are many taboos. Only when it is placed correctly can the kitchen achieve both water and fire

“lt; 1. It cannot be placed next to the stove or the sink

2. The stove should not face the door, otherwise there are many right and wrong

3. The stove cannot be backed against the window or placed on the balcony. If the back of the stove is empty, there will be wind, which will affect the fire and be unfavorable to the wealth of the family

4. The stove shall not be opposite to the refrigerator and the divine position

5. There should be no pressure on the stove and the smoking machine should not be too low, which makes the cook feel depressed

6. The air inlet of the stove should face the southeast, the South or their own auspicious position, and the problem of light should be considered. The shadow cannot enter the pot, and the shadow entering the pot means suffering

IV. what colors are suitable for kitchen decoration

the color of the kitchen is selected according to the lighting and space of the kitchen. The room facing Southeast has plenty of sunshine, so cold color should be used to make people feel a little cool when the sun is strong. Warm color can be used in the kitchen facing north to improve the indoor temperature. The kitchen with high top can be treated with dignified dark color to make it look not so high. The light and bright colors can make the small room look more spacious. Generally speaking, soft colors make the kitchen warm, cordial and harmonious. Warm colors make the kitchen atmosphere lively and enthusiastic, and can also enhance appetite

v. unreasonable Feng Shui configuration in the kitchen will affect the relationship between husband and wife

in Feng Shui, the placement of items in the bedroom will affect the relationship between husband and wife. In fact, the items in the kitchen will also affect the relationship between husband and wife. Therefore, in addition to keeping the kitchen clean, some details must also be paid attention to. First, the kitchen knife and kitchen board should also be opened separately. Second, frying pans and spatulas should be opened separately. Third, the mortar and rod should also be opened separately. Secondly, the kitchen and bathroom almost represent the relationship between water and fire of a family, as well as the relationship between Yang and Yin. These two must have both water and fire, so there is no contradiction at home. The most likely contradiction is that the kitchen and toilet are opposite to each other. The door of the bathroom is opposite to the door of the kitchen, which is not quiet between water and fire. Only when water and fire live in peace can the family be harmonious. In short, the unreasonable setting of Feng Shui in the kitchen is easy to cause quarrels between husband and wife and affect family luck, so the kitchen plays a very important role in home feng shui

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