The living room should be the largest room in the house

The living room of auspicious residence should be the largest room in the family in terms of area. Why

first of all, the living room is the place with the longest activity time, the widest range of activities, the largest number of activities and the most active atmosphere in the family. Using the largest room as the living room is most in line with the principle of balance and appropriateness in Feng Shui

secondly, the living room is not only the most vigorous place in the family, but also the public place of the family. If the air exchange is not smooth, it will affect the health of family members and even foreign guests. Therefore, the largest room in the family is needed as a guarantee. Both, the living room is a place to receive foreign guests and show others the style of the host. Taking the largest room as the living room and a spacious and bright living room can best leave a good impression

finally, many furniture in the home, such as sofa, TV, combination cabinet and tea table, are most suitable to be placed in the living room. Choosing the largest house as the living room is also convenient for the complete placement of furniture, giving people the feeling of rich family and elegant taste of the owner, so as to form a good psychological atmosphere and promote the journey of the living room

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