How to choose the material of Feng Shui for home decoration

The various components of the house can be slightly different when choosing decoration materials, but they can not be very different. They should be coordinated with the overall decoration style. The beauty of harmony is repeatedly emphasized in Feng Shui. When the overall style is unified, the aura in the house will be harmonious

if the selection of materials is too different and the styles of each room in a house are very different, it may be counterproductive, causing discord among the family and making the house difficult to settle. Therefore, it is best to determine the decoration style before selecting materials. For example, in a more classical house, it would be better to use wooden floors in the living room and bedroom. What if someone in the family has Muwang in the five elements

you can consider putting some beautiful and classical metal ornaments in his bedroom to increase the power of gold and restrain the excessive wood Qi. Generally speaking, the decoration materials of living room, bedroom and study tend to be unified as far as possible. These places can best reflect the overall style of the house; The kitchen and toilet are mainly safe and hygienic

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