What layout problems should we pay attention to when decorating

There are many Feng Shui problems that need to be paid attention to in the process of house decoration. For example, some feng shui ornaments, Feng Shui attributes, Feng Shui layout and some Feng Shui taboos in the house are the contents that need to be paid attention to in the decoration

what layout problems should we pay attention to when decorating? Feng Shui layout of house decoration

if the Feng Shui problem is ignored in the decoration, resulting in the destruction of residential Feng Shui, it will inevitably have a great impact on the fortunes of residents. So here we are important to introduce you about the layout of Feng Shui that needs attention in decoration. How can the layout be helpful to residential Feng Shui

first of all, pay attention to the location of each room in the decoration. If the location is poor, it needs to be improved in the decoration. Of course, some places can not be improved by decoration. For example, the door stands opposite to the bathroom door. In this case, neither the bathroom nor the door can be changed. At this time, we need to find a way to add some things to isolate the gas field between them in the decoration, which will be helpful to residential Feng Shui

secondly, if something with poor Feng Shui appears in the house, it must be removed as soon as possible, and some things with poor Feng Shui should be avoided as far as possible in the decoration. For example, the materials in decoration and the styles of lamps and lanterns may cause certain damage to residential Feng Shui, which we must pay special attention to

finally, we should pay attention to the placement of different furniture in the decoration, because in the decoration, we must set which places to place which furniture products in advance, so as to ensure that there will be no accidents in the residential Feng Shui layout. If we don’t pay attention to these problems in the decoration, the random placement of furniture by residents may also cause some damage to the residential Feng Shui

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