Where should the children’s room be located

Children are called the sun at eight or nine o’clock, which is the hope of the future. The room that can receive the sunlight energy first at dawn is the most suitable for children’s room, that is, the orientation of children’s room should be in the East and Southeast, which is conducive to fully absorb the solar energy in the morning and make children grow up day by day, lively and lovely and healthy. And when the sun shines into the room in the morning, it will also make people feel comfortable. In home feng shui, it indicates that children are motivated to study, have a bright future, and make a difference when they grow up

the west of the house will also receive sunlight when the sun sets, and it is also suitable for children’s room. However, this room is not conducive to children’s activities and is only conducive to children’s rest. Generally, if children are entrusted to kindergartens or boarding schools and don’t spend much time at home, they can choose Western children’s room. If children spend more time at home, It is better to choose the children’s room in the east or southeast, which can make the children more vigorous

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