Placement of children’s bed Feng Shui

The placement of children’s beds plays a very important role in Feng Shui in the setting of children’s rooms

when placing children’s beds, in addition to the taboo of the bed in the bedroom, we also need to pay attention to the orientation of the head of the bed, because the orientation of the head of the bed is closely related to children’s growth and study

the head of the bed should face Wenchang, which helps to inspire children’s wisdom, but the determination of Wenchang is relatively troublesome. Generally speaking, the head of the bed faces east or southeast, which belongs to the place where the sun rises, which is conducive to children’s growth and development, create a lively and progressive atmosphere, and is the orientation conducive to children’s growth and home feng shui

if the head of the bed faces to the south, West, northwest or northeast, it will have an adverse impact on the child’s growth, resulting in irritability, hyperactivity, irritability, inattention, etc

in addition, if the children’s bed is placed in the same direction as their parents’ bed, it can promote the emotional harmony between parents and children. The main children are smart and intelligent, obedient and clever, and do not bother their parents. It is very conducive to home feng shui

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