Why is it bad to build a balcony with hollowed out Feng Shui

The balcony should not be closed, but it should not be made hollow in order to excessively pursue ventilation and daylighting. This is because although the hollowed out balcony is more conducive to ventilation and daylighting. Moreover, it looks good in appearance, with European style. But in fact, the hollowed out balcony is not in line with the Feng Shui principle, which is mainly reflected in three aspects:

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(1). If the balcony is hollowed out, you can see the situation in the house from the window, and the privacy of the resident owner will be leaked, which is not conducive to the health of the owner

(2). After the balcony is hollowed out, the wealth in the house will also leak out from the hollowed out balcony. This kind of balcony is often called a wealth destroying balcony

(3) if the balcony is hollowed out, the side of the house close to the balcony is called “Feng Shui”; Imaginary position, The original blocking effect of the balcony is also greatly weakened, which will cause the foundation of the house to be unstable, especially the bedroom close to the balcony. The owner’s journey may be good or bad, which is very unstable

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