What are the common sense of Feng Shui decoration at home

Home decoration has to pay attention to Feng Shui, because home decoration Feng Shui is particularly important. It is related to our bad luck, the development of our home transportation, and our health. How can we ignore home feng shui? In that case, we might as well learn a little common sense about home decoration Feng Shui

kitchen decoration

1) the position of the kitchen should not be directly facing the door, because the kitchen is the Treasury in the home. Being directly facing the door will lead to the leakage of wealth and the inability of the home to gather wealth, and will also affect the family’s wealth development and fortune seeking, so the kitchen should not be directly facing the door in the home decoration

2) attention should also be paid to the decoration of the kitchen, which should not be opposite to the bathroom. After all, the bathroom and kitchen are where water and fire are mutually exclusive. When the two spaces are opposite, it will inevitably cause bad gas fields, and these bad feng shui gas fields will have a very adverse impact on home transportation

3) when decorating the kitchen, you also need to avoid the location of Zhonggong. According to the common sense of Feng Shui, the kitchen facing Zhonggong is quite unfavorable to Feng Shui aura. Zhonggong is a very important position in the home. The kitchen is too angry, which may be unfavorable to Zhonggong Feng Shui and affect the whole home feng shui

toilet decoration

1) although the toilet is not impressive, we must also pay attention to the common sense of toilet decoration. Feng Shui believes that the toilet should not be in the position opposite to the door, that is, the position of the toilet should not be facing the door. Such a decoration pattern will lead to heavy domestic filth and affect the development of home transportation

2) the toilet should be located away from the bedroom door, which is the place where the gas field flows in the bedroom. If the bedroom door is opposite to the toilet door, the foul gas of the toilet will inevitably enter the bedroom. Once the bedroom is dissatisfied with the foul gas, it will pose a great threat to human health

3) the toilet should not be in the northwest, which is also a common sense that we have to pay attention to when decorating! After all, qiangua is in the northwest, but it is closely related to the male owner at home. If the toilet is located in the northwest, it will only damage the Feng Shui in the northwest and the luck of the male owner

bedroom decoration

1) bedroom decoration has a lot of common sense and needs to be understood. Feng Shui believes that, first of all, we should pay attention to the pattern of the bedroom. Because the bedroom is where we rest, the pattern of the bedroom must be square, and there must be no missing corners or bumps. It is very unlucky to take an irregular shape as the bedroom

2) attention should be paid to the lighting decoration of the bedroom, and the selection of lighting should be as soft as possible

3) the bed in the bedroom should be placed close to the wall, so that the bed can meet the requirements of Feng Shui common sense

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