Pay attention to the separation of Feng Shui between kitchen and Restaurant

Generally speaking, the kitchen and restaurant are designed together in the design of many household types. Generally, the kitchen is the restaurant. However, sometimes people choose to pass a partition between the kitchen and the restaurant in order to make the Kongjia area more clear, and there are many partition methods. The most common one is the partition of the cabinet porch. Among them, we also know that the home needs to pay attention to Feng Shui, Of course, you can’t ignore some stress on Feng Shui when cutting off. What are the stress on cutting off Feng Shui between kitchen and restaurant? Let’s see what the relevant articles say

First of all, the square type can not be used to block the line of sight, and it is the best. Can use low partition, can also use hollow partition, or bead curtain partition. This semi partition form is most consistent with the mysterious Feng Shui. Because the real partition will make the space appear narrow and make people feel insecure. It is completely transparent and appears to show mountains and dew, which is not conducive to wind and gas accumulation

in restaurant partition Feng Shui, the crystal bead curtain can gather wealth and also represents a wide range of financial resources. The crystal itself has the meaning of bringing good luck. Therefore, it is also very good to choose the crystal bead curtain as the partition of the restaurant

in addition to the gauze curtain, screens and porches can also be placed in the home. The attention to screens and porches is particularly important. Porches can generally well isolate the external evil spirit from entering the door, including blocking the evil spirit in the kitchen and avoiding the evil spirit from affecting the whole house. Generally, the height of porches should not be too high, no more than two meters, but it should not be too low. Too low porches can not play any role, It can’t stop the evil spirit outside

screen partition is also a good choice, with the first material; It is best to choose wooden screens, including bamboo screens and paper screens, which are all wooden screens. The effect of molecular compound plastic and metal screens is relatively poor, especially metal screens, whose own magnetic field is not constant, and will also disturb the magnetic field of human body. It is better to use less! Moreover, the height of the screen should not be too high. It is best not to exceed the height of ordinary people standing; Otherwise, the center of gravity of too high screen is unstable, which is easy to give people a sense of oppression and virtually cause the physiological burden of users

among all the things used to partition the restaurant, plants and screens can be used by everyone. Other things, such as Bagua mirror, bronze bell, salt water, Rune paper and sword, are not used indiscriminately without the guidance of professional feng shui masters because they involve more professional parts

it is better to choose wooden screens, including bamboo screens and paper screens. The effect of plastic and metal screens is relatively poor, especially metal screens, whose own magnetic field is unstable and will also interfere with the magnetic field of the human body, so it’s better to use less

the restaurant should not flush the toilet. Because the toilet is heavily polluted, eating in front of the toilet is not only psychologically uncomfortable, but also easy to infect the family with filth in restaurant Feng Shui, resulting in poor health. If the table is opposite to the toilet door and then sitting in the toilet, the problem will be more serious. At this time, opaque restaurant partition can be selected for separation, and wooden movable partition wall is better

after knowing the above Feng Shui, I believe you also know more about how to cut off Feng Shui in kitchens and restaurants. Although many people think Feng Shui is just a superstition, many people in life are seriously endangering their health and fortune because of bad home feng shui; I’d rather believe in what it has than what it doesn’t have” ; And knowing more about feng shui is good for our daily life

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