What kind of picture does Feng Shui hang in the restaurant

We know that when we decorate, we must use some decorations to increase the warmth and fun of the house. The restaurant is originally the place where families or relatives and friends gather for dinner. Therefore, the painting in the restaurant must reflect the problem of home and harmony, or the problem of attracting money. What about the Feng Shui painting in the restaurant

restaurant home and Wanshixing painting Feng Shui

home is a harbor for berthing. You should share or tell your family whether it is the joy of career success or the ups and downs in your work. Family and career prosper, ” And ” ; It is also an open-minded philosophy. If you hang a painting or calligraphy of “home and everything prospers” in the restaurant, you can make your family remind yourself at all times when eating. Only when you maintain the harmony and harmony of the family, are lucky and happy, and have the strong support of the family, can you overcome difficulties one by one, and your career will be smooth and successful. “Home and everything prospers” is also a good choice for restaurant painting

good luck in the restaurant, peony picture, Feng Shui

peony picture, peony corolla is huge, double petals are stacked, delicate and colorful, and green leaves are supported on the left and right. Peony, which has been honored as a product of wealth and auspicious flowers, has been regarded as a symbol of good luck, prosperity and wealth for thousands of years, and is loved by all levels. If you can hang a picture of rich and auspicious peonies in the restaurant, you can bring a lot of good luck to the family. Peony painting is also an essential hanging painting in feng shui home

restaurant nine fish figure Feng Shui

fish had the meaning of good luck in ancient times. There are countless words about fish, such as ” Carp jump over the dragon’s gate” Like a fish in water ” ; Wait, fish also means borrowing Fish ” Yu ” ; Homophonic, meaning more than years in a row, life is getting better and better. There are many famous paintings about fish, and the painting of nine fish is loved by many traditional Chinese painting lovers. In recent years, with the development of computer technology, this painting has been made into cross stitch and digital oil painting by computer, and has entered thousands of households, ” Nine fish ” ; It means good wishes to family and friends

precautions for Feng Shui painting in restaurants

color. The restaurant is where we eat. In fact, there are a lot of attention in the selection of colors. Generally speaking, the color of the restaurant should not be too red or too dark, so as not to affect the mood of eating. Too much red can easily lead to irritability and affect the health of the family. You can choose some simple and clean paintings, and the overall decoration design is also very good

subject matter. The hanging paintings in the restaurant also have many requirements on the selection of themes. From the perspective of home feng shui, the hanging paintings in the restaurant should try to use auspicious landscape paintings or fruits and flowers. It is generally recommended not to use portraits as hanging paintings, which is easy to lead to emotional fluctuations and is not good for personal health

style. At present, there are many styles of hanging pictures in the restaurant. We should make basic considerations when actually selecting them. We should pay attention to the style of hanging paintings, such as ink painting and oil painting. When selecting, we should pay attention to the atmosphere and collocation of the whole home to see whether there is a good decorative effect, a better restaurant design effect and a very good atmosphere

the restaurant is the place where we usually eat. This position is full of Yang, so the deterioration we choose should also be some bright colors, which can increase our appetite and attract more wealth and fortune. Moreover, the restaurant hanging picture itself is a very common decoration and a very common Feng Shui

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