Living room ceiling decoration Feng Shui layout

Feng Shui believes that the ceiling of the living room symbolizes the sky in the house. In nature, the sky is the place where light comes; In other words, the ceiling, as the sky in the house, should also have sufficient light to make the interior bright. How to properly arrange the light in the living room and the ceiling should play two main roles

the light should be directed to the ceiling to spread the light in every direction of the living room by means of reflection. In particular, the light of the fluorescent lamp is closest to the sunlight Reflected from the ceiling can enhance the Yang of the living room. To make the living room full of light, the ceiling of the living room should not be dark, but light colors should be selected. This is just like in the natural environment, the sky is blue and white at the top, and the ground is black and brown at the bottom. The same arrangement at home is in line with the way of nature

some people think that the original ceiling of the living room is not good-looking. They choose to install a false ceiling in the living room, which destroys the integrity of the living room as a room, which means cutting off a part of the house. Feng Shui calls it self cutting, which is extremely unlucky. Some people dig lamp slots in the false ceiling and hide the lamps inside, which makes all the lamp slots become coping beams, giving people a sense of oppression

Feng Shui says ” Force yourself to cut things down ” , In other words, if the house is forced or self imposed, it will make things difficult and difficult to continue, resulting in trouble. It is a very bad feng shui

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