What kind of bedroom door can help the family

A quiet and comfortable rest environment is the embodiment of a good bedroom. The door is an important barrier to isolate the bedroom from other environments. It must have good tightness. The bedroom door had better not face the door of people coming and going, nor the dirty bathroom or the kitchen with oil smoke scattered. If the bedroom door is often opened and faces the door, kitchen and bathroom, a screen or curtain should be set between them to isolate them

in addition, the privacy of the bedroom determines that it is not suitable to open two doors in the bedroom. This is because if the bedroom has two doors, it is like a house with both front and back doors. This is not to ” Accumulation of wind and gas; It will make people angry when they come in from one door and flow away from another door, which is not conducive to financial luck

in addition, the bedroom is a couple’s bedroom. If there are two doors, it gives more people the possibility to enter. This pattern of air leakage may not only lead to discord between husband and wife, but also lead to rotten peach blossom to destroy the family

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