Feng Shui common sense of house decoration

The geomantic omen of the house is closely related to the fate of the residents, so we must pay attention to geomantic omen when decorating the house; So in Feng Shui, what are the common sense of Feng Shui in house decoration? The following is the relevant articles compiled by Fstips. Let’s have a look

common sense of Feng Shui in house decoration

common sense of Feng Shui taboos in house decoration

common sense of Feng Shui taboos in house decoration — Feng Shui in the living room

in the living room is related to the fate of the family and the harmony of family relations, which is a major event and must be observed. Living room feng shui is the most important part of Yang Zhai Feng Shui. The good and bad luck of a family’s overall house transportation, whether it is the pros and cons of career promotion, the level of luck, the quality of family wealth, the depth of husband and wife’s fate, the transportation of children’s reading and examination, and whether their health status is normal, are largely determined by the Feng Shui in the living room. It shows that Feng Shui in the living room is the core of Feng Shui in Yangzhai, and its importance is certainly unparalleled

Feng Shui taboo must be seen in house decoration — kitchen

does the kitchen also have Feng Shui? Of course, and kitchen Feng Shui is also very important. If your kitchen Feng Shui is not good, it may also lead to poor financial luck in your family, so you must pay enough attention to kitchen Feng Shui

first of all, if the mirror is hung on the wall behind the stove and shines on the food in the pot, it will do more harm. This is called ” Tianmen fire ” , Will cause fire or misfortune to the house

followed by ancient books ” lt” lt; Three essentials of Yangzhai ” gt” gt; There are clouds in: ” Open the door to the stove and waste more money;. It means that the fire mouth of the stove is in a straight line opposite the door, so that there is punishment. In this case, the wealth of the Lord’s family is unlucky, it is suspected of losing money, and it will damage their health. Mainly pay attention to gastroenteropathy. To take a step back, even if the kitchen door is in a straight line with the stove, it is unlucky. The solution is to move the stove to another place

finally, the top of the stove cannot be pressed by a beam, otherwise it will affect the health of the owner in the house. In addition, the faucet can not be aligned with the fire mouth of the stove, and the vegetable washing basin can not be too close to the stove

in addition, the color of the kitchen should be mainly light color, such as white, ivory, etc

Feng Shui taboo must be seen in house decoration – bedroom

people spend at least one-third of their time in the bedroom, so the Feng Shui layout inside is more important, which will have a direct impact on the luck of people living inside. And the beds in the bedroom are also well placed. If they are not properly placed, it will not only affect the master’s luck, but also have a negative impact on his feelings, especially for girls

how to look at Feng Shui common sense in house decoration

I. there is no block ahead: the prospect is great, and the future can be expected. If the front is blocked, it is easy to absorb the defeated gas. Although there are occasional exceptions, the gas turns prosperous after receiving the return air, but it is still inappropriate in the long run because of its large side effects

II. Mingtang is beautiful and vast: the size of Mingtang seriously affects the size of the gas Bureau. If the Ming hall is too shallow or close, it means that it is eager for quick success and instant benefits and lacks foresight, which is easy to achieve quick success and quick defeat

Third, avoid the evil spirits: try to avoid the evil spirits such as sky cutting, road rushing, sharp corners, telephone poles, shrines, churches and so on in the living room and door, so as to ensure the smooth transportation of the house and avoid accidents and disasters

IV. sunshine: if there is enough light everywhere in the house, its flourishing Qi is generally sufficient; On the contrary, if the Yin Qi is too heavy, the house will decline and everything will go wrong

v. suitable pattern and moving line: the indoor pattern and moving line should conform to the principle of Feng Shui layout. For example, if you live in a public house, you should first see the living room as soon as you enter the door; It is not suitable to see the toilet, kitchen, or master bedroom; Otherwise, it is often either breaking the money or hurting the marriage

VI. square pattern: ” If you don’t learn, you’ll have no disadvantage” ; The founder concept emphasized in the Kun hexagram of the book of changes can be said to be the most basic but also the most important condition for choosing a Yang house

VII. Differences between yin and Yang: the so-called ” Light hall and dark room, That is, the living room should be large, spacious and sunny, so that the owner can be open-minded and have a bright career; On the contrary, the master bedroom should not be too bright or too exposed, so as not to damage the privacy of husband and wife’s private harmony

VIII. Doors should not be opposite: two doors are opposite: ” Quarrel door, The main tongue is much right and wrong, so it should be avoided as far as possible; If it cannot be avoided, the bead curtain should be hung to resolve it

IX. the dragon is higher than the tiger: in front of the building, it is advisable to keep the spirit of the green dragon higher than the white tiger, so as to ensure the safety of the home and the development of the business

above is ” The gist of good house and auspicious house selection ” , It is the fundamental Feng Shui common sense that everyone needs to know. If an individual can abide by it, he will be able to pursue good fortune and avoid bad fortune, welcome good fortune and accept good fortune, and achieve the best effect of heaven’s movement after Feng Shui’s creation. The so-called good geomantic omen can be understood as the meaning of residential sunny, smooth wind and water and vigorous vitality

What are the Feng Shui common sense about house decoration?

house decoration should not only reflect the beauty, but also ensure the comfort and health of the residence. According to Chinese tradition ” Feng Shui ” ; Theoretically, the position of doors and windows is very important, because they are the channel between the house and the outside world. It can not only block and reduce the adverse stimulation of the outside world, but also excrete the indoor pollution and turbidity, and play a role in maintaining the relative stability of the living space

therefore, in interior decoration, the door should not be opened much first; Secondly, doors cannot be in the same straight line, so as to avoid the fluctuation of room temperature caused by too fast and too large air flow; Accumulation of wind and Gas ” That’s the truth. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that ” Wind is the root of all diseases, Wind energy makes people lose energy, weak stomach qi, disordered temperature regulation and cause diseases. In order to keep the indoor air fresh and fresh and hide the wind to protect the body, a ” Porch ” ; Screen, or set the doors and windows cross to form the so-called ” Winding paths lead to seclusion ” ; To slow down the wind speed and wind force

according to ” Feng Shui ” ; In theory, the toilet (toilet) is a dirty and humid place, which cannot be directly facing the door and at the air outlet. Even now, it also meets the requirements of environmental sanitation. However, in order to be comfortable and comfortable, modern people often choose some houses with multiple sets of sanitary facilities when buying houses, especially one set of sanitary facilities is mostly connected with the master bedroom. Therefore, special attention needs to be paid during decoration. In addition to the fact that the door of the bathroom should not be directly facing the bedroom and has good sealing performance, and must be kept a large distance from the bed, the bathroom should be equipped with special air and water drainage devices, Ultraviolet disinfection lamps to keep the toilet dry and clean

a large mirror should not be placed indoors, especially in the bedroom, because the refraction stimulation of strong light is easy to affect people’s sympathetic nerve and make the thinking unable to concentrate for a long time. If there are too many glass windows around and the sense of transparency is too strong, it can make people’s mood difficult to be peaceful and lack a sense of security. Therefore, the choice of curtain texture and thickness seems to be a small thing. In fact, it is directly related to people’s physical and mental health

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