How to decorate the color of toilet and bathroom

The color of toilet wallpaper should be white, green and blue; Not suitable: yellow, purple

from the perspective of Feng Shui, the bathroom is suitable for white and green, and white is a pure and clean color; Green is a comfortable, fresh color that can help eliminate negative feelings

the blue bathroom can calm people’s heart and enjoy it. Yellow and purple should not be used in the bathroom. If you already have these colors, or add blue tiles, light blue towels and glass bottles, and inject some ocean patterns, such as seawater, fish and shells, it is also a good choice

the walls of the bathroom are combined with bright and bright small ceramic tiles, breaking the traditional tone of the bathroom and making the space flexible. The ceiling of the toilet is inlaid with the whole glass, which can enhance the sense of space, combined with ceramic tiles and lights, and make people feel like entering the dream world

if the bathroom space is small, the light color system must be adopted, otherwise it will cause visual and spiritual depression. It’s not fashionable to use all white. You might as well compare it with bright yellow, light pink, light blue and so on ” middot; I believe it will have a good effect if it matches with the colors of merchants

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