What’s the taboo when the door opens

The ancients attached great importance to ” Open the door ” ; The first thing you can see when you open the door can not only affect the mood of the host and guests and leave a first impression, but also have magical significance in Feng Shui

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what should I see when I open the door

the door is red: red walls or furniture and furnishings can cheer people up and indicate good luck

Open Green: green plants represent vitality and can bring health and longevity

open-ended painting: suitable for both landscape and still life, bringing hope and good mood

What are the taboos to see when opening the door

Open bathroom: if the design of the bedroom is that the door is facing the bathroom, it needs to be blocked by curtains or cabinets; Open the door to the mirror: in this way, all the wealth will be reflected by the mirror. However, if there is an evil spirit outside the door, you can block the evil spirit by opening the door to the mirror

open the door to the kitchen stove: the so-called open the door to the kitchen stove consumes a lot of money. If your home happens to see it, you can change the position of the stove or make a screen high cabinet outside the kitchen door to block it

open the door to the crossbeam: once you enter the door, you are oppressed and can’t stand out

open the door to the dining table: if it is really unavoidable, you can use the screen to block it

in addition, the elevator entrance of modern buildings is facing the gate, making ” Open brake, The main right and wrong are intertwined, and foreign affairs are not smooth. For the sake of safety, modern houses are equipped with anti prying doors outside the house, which are called anti door in Feng Shui. Since the anti prying door opens outward, it is not a regular Feng Shui door. It is necessary to install a regular door opened inward in the anti prying door. As far as the anti prying door is concerned, it is taboo to use railing shape and leaky anti prying door. Feng Shui is taboo and unlucky. Some modern people install screen doors on the outer doors of their houses in summer. As far as Feng Shui is concerned, the screen door is like a net, the house is covered in the net, and the screen door mesh leaks money through the gap, which is unlucky. Some modern houses are crossed by iron pipes on the inside and outside of the door, which is a crime ” Top BRAKE ” , It’s bad luck to be lucky. The air conditioner installed on the top of the door is also unlucky. Two families live together, leaving one door auspicious. The other door shall be built to death, and the outer wall shall be polished with cement

the ancients believed that the door was the mouth and the window was the eye. Many doors are unlucky, and many windows are unlucky. Many windows mainly do not gather wealth. Heaven and earth Feng Shui gate cloud: ” More windows, more yang, less windows, more yin” ; There are many sunny windows in the house, which provoke right and wrong; There are many shady windows, which provoke Yin Qi and patients. Houses with doors and no windows, especially those without windows on the front, are dark, humid and airtight, which is very harmful to Feng Shui. The most basic requirements of windows are bright, clean and upright

try to avoid the opposite of doors and windows and the opposite of two windows, and commit ” Straight through the brake ” , Bad health and wealth. The chimney, dead tree, crooked tree, pole pile, inclined wall and other objects are unlucky outside the window. In addition, the northeast and southwest are ghost positions, and floor to ceiling windows are forbidden

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