Precautions for bedroom decoration design

The bedroom design pays most attention to privacy and comfort. Therefore, before the decoration design of the bedroom, it is best to visit the bedroom at night (the houses around will turn on the lights in the evening. Through the lights, we can better analyze the geographical location of our home and the opposite and adjacent neighbors)

first, look at the bedroom window and see if there is any conflict with other windows ” Confrontation ”

2. See if the distance between buildings is too close

III. look at the specific environment outside the window, whether it is close to the road or near public places. In addition, consider the sound insulation of the house

in the design of bedroom, we should pay attention to the perfect unity of practical function and form, as well as elegant, unique, concise and lively design. The whole design pattern of the bedroom should be square and upright, and there can be no lack of corners. The bedroom is preferably rectangular or square

Feng Shui believes that the resting place of the homeowner should be in the area with good sunshine and ventilation, and pay attention to the unobstructed air flow. If a large volume of wardrobe, suitcase and other sundries are placed in the bedroom, it will affect the indoor air circulation; Moreover, the clothes and other sundries stored in the wardrobe and suitcase are not often used and closed without ventilation. When the door of the wardrobe is opened, the smell of gas and insect prevention drugs will diffuse. Feng Shui calls this gas ” Dead breath ” ;. They are very harmful to human health. Over time, it will make you tired and upset

modern people often like to stack some discarded utensils and clothes that need to be changed and washed in the bedroom for convenience. At this time, we should pay attention to that if we want to put the wardrobe and suitcase in the bedroom, the first condition is that their area is not large. Feng Shui believes that the wardrobe belongs to the bedroom, if ” Affiliated ” ; Too big, that’s ” Evil ” ; Press ” Positive ” , This situation is unfavorable. The traditional view may be far fetched, but we start from the reality of life. If the wardrobe and suitcase are too large, it is indeed inappropriate to put them in the bedroom in a small space

in fact, if the wardrobe and suitcase occupy too much bedroom space, it will be very crowded and make the living of the homeowner very inconvenient. Therefore, it is also very important to store goods scientifically and reasonably

in modern houses, most of them only consider houses, and mainly pursue fast-paced life. In order to save time, convenience is the principle in design everywhere. Under the guidance of this principle, most people will put the wardrobe and suitcase in the bedroom

some people save space artificially and often put some infrequently used items under the bed. Feng Shui believes that stacking sundries under the bed will bring bad luck. Therefore, the bed surface should be about 50cm away from the ground, and the bottom of the bed must be kept clean and sundries should not be piled up. In this way, the air under the bed can be unblocked and the penetration of moisture on the ground can be reduced. The precautions for bedroom design are as follows:

first, on the premise of not violating the principles of Feng Shui, the bedroom should be designed according to the residents’ age, personality and hobbies

Second, the floor of the bedroom should be warm, and some neutral or warm colored carpets, wood floors and other materials should be selected

III. the top decoration of the bedroom is a key link in the decoration design of the bedroom. Usually, it should focus on the simple, elegant and warm warm color series. The color should be unified, harmonious and elegant. Care should be taken to match the local primary color. Paint, wallpaper or ceiling should be used

IV. the bedroom should have good ventilation capacity, and the poor ventilation of the original building should be improved appropriately

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