How to choose curtains

In today’s big cities, houses are very crowded, so it is difficult to avoid ” Watchtower ” ; If the building opposite the window is glass exterior wall or Trident architectural shape, it will affect the people living in the house.

In addition, when summer comes, curtains are also indispensable cool protagonists. The key to resisting the high temperature is to resist the sun, but the sun will not walk in place obediently. At this time, you need to lay down ” Curtain array, Hang appropriate curtains wisely ” It can not only block the fierce sunlight, but also leave enough comfortable natural light for the room. This knowledge is not only related to the direction of sunlight, but also related to the color, thickness and texture of curtains.

I. East window

Because the light of the window in the east room always enters with the rise of the sun in the morning, it can quickly gather a large amount of light, and most of the heat energy can spread rapidly through the metal frame of the window. Therefore, we should choose the louver curtain and vertical curtain with soft texture. They have the same texture as yarn, and can reconcile the dazzling light through the elegant tone to create a fresh and cool sense of vision. In addition, in the case of louwanglou, it is best to install blinds, which can make the family harmonious and the love of husband and wife.

II. West window

The west window should pay attention to the problem of shielding the sun at night and protecting the furniture. The sun at night increases the temperature of the room. Especially in hot summer, the windows should be closed or shielded frequently, so the curtains that can diffuse the light source and block the ultraviolet line should be selected as far as possible to protect the furniture. Shutter curtain, organ curtain, pleated curtain, curtain and cloth curtain with special treatment are good choices.

III. South Window

Day and night curtains should be selected for the south window. The south window has sufficient light all year round. It is the most important source of natural light in the room, which can make the house present a light and elegant golden color. However, warm natural light contains a lot of heat and ultraviolet rays. In hot summer, such sunlight is redundant.

At present, the popular day and night curtain is a good choice. During the day, unfolding the upper curtain can not only transmit light, turn the strong sunlight into soft light, but also enjoy the scenery outside; Its strong shading and secrecy will enable homeowners to enjoy cool and quiet during the day in the dry and hot season.

IV. North Window

Shutter, organ curtain, rolling curtain and fabric curtain are suitable for the North window. These curtains are the ideal choice for those who pursue the sense of artistic picture. And from the perspective of daylighting, the North window is the most suitable.

When the sun shines calmly at home every day, this uniform and bright natural light is the most emotional light source for people’s soul to fly. In order to fully retain this mood, shutter curtains, cloth vertical curtains, thinner transparent organ curtains, rolling curtains, and cloth curtains with good light transmission effect are better choices.

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