Feng Shui layout and color at home in 2020

It’s important to avoid the bad luck of the family, especially the bad luck of the year of Feng Shui, which will lead to the bad luck of the family. For example, in 2020, feng shui will pay attention to skills, especially the relationship between orientation and color

  1. Orientation and color layout

the reason why we should pay attention to the color matching of each orientation when arranging the Feng Shui pattern at home is that the color represents five elements, and different orientations and five elements are different. For example, the color of five behavioral wood in the East is green and five behavioral gold in the West. This position is most suitable for placing white feng shui ornaments. In addition, the layout can also be carried out in the way that the five elements grow together. For example, black can be placed in the East, which is a decoration symbolizing the water of the five elements, because the aquatic trees in the five elements

  2. Pay attention to the good and bad luck at home

after understanding the relationship between the five elements of orientation and color, you can choose the appropriate feng shui ornaments to decorate the orientation at home. However, when improving home feng shui in 2020, we should also pay attention to the changes of good and bad luck. For example, in this year, the central, western, northern and southeast of the family belong to the wealth position. The former has eight white Zuo Fu stars, while the latter is six white Wuqu stars. LiuNian wealth position belongs to auspicious position, which is most suitable for placing [one geomantic omen and eight directions fortune] prosperous transportation ornaments

  3. Understand the home decoration style

when arranging the home feng shui pattern, we should also pay attention to the decoration style of the whole house. Different styles use different colors. For example, when decorating the bedroom, you should use warm colors, such as yellow, orange, red, etc., instead of cold colors such as black and blue

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