Feng Shui taboo in the master bedroom

1. The bed should not be full of sundries

the bed is full of sundries. If the bed is large, the spare place can accommodate good luck. If the spare space of the bed is filled with books or other sundries, there will be no room for good luck, and the disorder on the bed will also affect luck. Therefore, sundries should not be placed on the bed

2. The bedroom is messy

in fact, some Feng Shui principles are very close to life. For example, everything should be coordinated, and a clean and tidy environment will bring good luck to people. There will be many small items in the bedroom. If they are placed disorderly, it will certainly affect your mood. How can good luck come to people who are constantly troubled? Therefore, the clothes and furniture in the bedroom must be placed neatly. Outdated newspapers or magazines and redundant trinkets should be cleaned and placed as far as possible. Otherwise, it will affect the working order of residents and put the cart before the horse

3. Storage under the bed

in life, in order to make effective use of space, people often regard the bottom of the bed as a storage space for stacking compressed quilts, shoes and some infrequently used items. They believe that this will not only save space, but also not hinder sight. In fact, this will easily lead to the accumulation of dust and the growth of pests. Over time, it will become the place of bad luck, which will not only affect health, but also easily cause communication problems for people in love

if items must be stacked at the bottom of the bed, choose a longer sheet, preferably one with tassels or big waves on the edge. In addition, we should often clean and tidy up to keep the bottom of the bed clean

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