How to adjust Feng Shui in the living room

1. a porch is set between the gate and the living room

a porch is set between the gate and the living room, which can not only protect privacy, but also buffer the air flow from the gate and gather in the living room, so as to hide wind and gather gas, and bring good luck to people who often stay in the living room. If the porch is not set, the airflow outside the door will directly rush into the living room, which will affect the wealth of the family

2. the ceiling color of the living room is light

the living room is a place where people gather, so it must give people a sense of relaxation. The ceiling of the living room is equipped with a Tianchi, which is not only good for the visual effect, but also good for the feng shui of the house; The color of the ceiling should be light, not too heavy, mainly light color, such as light blue. In addition, fluorescent lamps can be installed on the ceiling to make the living room more bright

3, don’t let the living room become the moving line

the moving line is one of the terms of architecture and interior design. It refers to the point where people move indoors and outdoors. When combined, it becomes the moving line. The living room is a place where people gather flourishing Qi. If people often walk around, artificial airflow will be formed, which is unfavorable to Feng Shui. In addition, if the living room is on the moving line, it is easy to interfere with the people in the living room, so as to affect the career of the residents

4. find the prosperous place in the living room to place items

generally speaking, the prosperous place in the home is at the diagonal corner of the entrance to the living room. The requirement of prosperity is quiet and stability, so it can not be the moving line of the channel. In the flourishing place of Feng Shui, you can put flourishing plants, such as vigorous green leafed plants, fish tanks, etc. The most taboo here is the mirror, because the mirror has the effect of reflection. Even if good luck and wealth enter the house, it will let the mirror reflect them out, resulting in poor wealth and loss of opportunities

5. keep the light in the living room good

a bright living room can make the whole family prosperous, so the light in the living room should be sufficient. The window should always be open. If it is connected to the balcony, it is necessary to ensure that the light on the balcony can be penetrated as much as possible. In addition, it is best to use bright colors on the walls of the living room. If the natural light in the living room is insufficient, you can make up for it with light

6. the lighting of the living room should pay attention to

the living room is Yang, and the lights in the living room should be high and bright enough to spread the lights to every corner of the living room. If there are many lamps, lighting with the same elements shall be used to maintain the coordination of the overall style

if the living room area is relatively large, lighting can be used to solve the area division. Warm color chandeliers are used on the dining table, a dimming floor lamp is placed next to the sofa, and several small spotlights are installed on the display rack and TV background wall

7, the living room cannot have a beam

if there is a beam across the ceiling of the living room, it will make people sitting in the living room feel depressed, which will cause mental tension and poor luck for a long time. Therefore, during decoration, the beam should be covered or the cabinet should be placed under the beam. No sofa can be placed under the beam to sit people

8, floor to ceiling windows can be opened in the living room

the windowsill of the living room is not suitable to be too high. It can be made into floor to ceiling windows, so that you can see the scenery outside the window in the living room, have a wide field of vision and adjust people’s mood, but there can’t be too many floor to ceiling windows in the living room. On the one hand, it’s inconvenient for home furnishings, on the other hand, it can’t give people a sense of security

9, the living room should not place too many decorations

if too many decorations are stacked in the living room, it is easy to accumulate dust and affect the smooth airflow. Of course, people’s Qi and blood are not smooth and there are health problems. Therefore, the decorations in the living room should be easy to clean and wipe, with simple and generous modeling, highlighting the noble aesthetic taste of the host

10, the living room is larger than other rooms

the living room symbolizes the male master of the family in Feng Shui. If the male master’s bad luck will directly affect the rise and fall of the family. The low and narrow living room indicates that the male host has poor financial luck and is difficult to succeed in his career, but also thanks to the help of noble people. Therefore, the living room must appear tall and bright to ensure the smoothness of air flow

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